Larry Newman

Massachusetts State Record Page Larry Newman Jun 6, 2014

  Listed below is a look at the updated event-records for the 2014 Mass. All-State Meeting, scheduled for this Saturday, June10, at Bridgewater State College. Like some of the Divisional Records, a few of the sprint races and relays need a bit more research to unearth correct FAT that should be listed in the records section. I have added World Jr. Records as well as a few years of previous champions. By next year I’ll have completed a complete list of both the boys and girls champions.

New England All Time Outdoor Boys 2 Milers Larry Newman May 29, 2014

Here is a quick look at the all-time New England boys outdoor two-mile list The list contains the top-10 performances and the top-43 performers. It should include all performers under 9:08. The oldest performance on the list dates back to 1965 [9:00.8, Art Dulong/Randolph]. All 3200 meter times have been converted. Area, state and class records are at two-miles only, no converted 3200 meter times for these records. There is one question on the Mass. frosh outdoor record: Allen’s time is the fastest I came up with so far. Anyone have a definitive faster frosh time, please let me know. Corrections, comments, criticisms [if any], welcomed.   Larry Newman

MIAA State Divisional Records Larry Newman May 28, 2014

You won’t find these records in your meet program!  Greetings everyone. Listed below is a look at the updated event-records for the Mass. Divisional Meets [formerly the Class Meets] scheduled for May 31 and June 1, 2014. The divisional records, in particular, are a work in progress. The sprints [100, 200] short hurdles and javelin require more research and updating. While hand-times [ht] in the sprints and hurdles are ok to list, it is necessary to unearth the correct FAT [Fully Automatic Times] to present a clear picture of the records. A hand-timed mark should never be converted for purposes of a record. Therefore, a bit more research is needed in this regard. In the boy’s javelin, the D1 and D4 records are with the old javelin. Still looking for the “new” javelin records. Likewise, the girl’s javelin records, D1 and D2, are with the old javelin. These records need to be updated to reflect the “new” javelin. In some cases in the sprints and hurdles it appears hand times may have been rounded out to FAT times. That’s a no, no! Once research is complete, up-to-date accurate records will be posted on MileSplit. National Records and additional research from Jack Shepard, Track & Field News. American Junior Records are those ratified by USATF. Junior Records are restricted to athletes who do not turn 20 at any time during the calendar year in which the mark is made. Eastern Records are those compiled by Eastern Track’s Walt Murphy [] and include the states from Maine to Virginia. New England and Mass. records are those compiled by Larry Byrne [] and Larry Newman []. p= record pending verification; *** = Freshman, ** = Sophomore, * = Junior. All others are Seniors.

New England Boys All-Time Performances @ 1500 Meters Larry Newman May 7, 2014

In light of Garrett O’Toole’s 3:45.55 1500 meter performance last weekend at Princeton, I worked up some data on the all-time New England boys at 1500. I believe the list includes everyone under 3:57.There are no conversions from the mile distance. Just straight 1500 times. O’Toole is now No.3 all-time outdoors Mass. and No.4 New England. Comments, corrections, amendments are always welcome.