Which Girls XC Division Has The Fastest Top 5?

The State Division 1 girls race at the MIAA All State Finals in Westfield, MA. Pictured is Makayla Paige from Tewksbury Memorial High School in front of Kate Connolly from Natick High School and Emma Kerimo from Concord Carlisle High School. These three girls placed highest among 2019 returning runners in the MIAA All States Division 1 race.

        Below is our rankings for the division with the top 5 fastest returning girls runners from the 2018 divisional weekend. The rankings take the top 5 girls from each divisional championship race and score them against the other divisions to find which division has the fastest top 5. Make sure to check out which boys division has the fastest top five here.

        Taking home first place for the fastest 5 returning girls from the 2018 divisional championship weekend is the Eastern Division 2 girls. These girls combined for just 48 points led by a two-three finish from Kate Connolly from Natick High School and Emma Kerimo from Concord Carlisle High School. These two girls would go on to finish third (Connolly) and fifth (Kerimo) in the division 1 race at the MIAA All State Finals - which makes them the top 2 returners from the race this year. Both of these girls are also going into their Junior year, so they are looking to lead their division, and all of Massachusetts, for the next two years.

        Representing the smaller schools of western Massachusetts in our second place position is the Western Division 2 girls. Led by the top ranking girl on our list, Emily Boutin of Pope Francis, who ran a 18:19.00 at the Western Divisional Championships. Furthermore, the Western Division 2 top 5 girls is made up of two rising Sophomores, Grace Elliot of Lenox Memorial High School and Josie Smith of Mount Greylock Regional High School. With a lot of young talent leading this division, the Western Division 2 girls are looking to be a threat for the years to come.

        Coming in third for our division with the top five fastest girls is the Eastern Division 3 girls, just 8 points ahead of the Central Division 2 girls. The top two girls in these rankings from the Eastern Division 3 section are Olivia Jones of Hopkinton High School and Ava Duggan Milton High School finishing with the 5th and 6th fastest times from the 2018 divisional weekend. A bit further back in third is Makayla Paige from Tewksbury Memorial High School, who did not have the best divisional weekend last year. However, Paige bounced back the following weekend at the MIAA All State Finals with a 7th place finish in the division 1 race. Only heading into her Junior year, Paige joins Hopkinton and Duggan in leading the impressive division this upcoming season. 

        Make sure to check out the rest of the rankings of the divisions with the fastest top 5 below. Further down is the breakdown of each division's top 5 runners from the 2018 divisional weekend, and below that is the links to each divisions' top returning runners.

1Eastern Division 2482+3+13+14+16

2Western Division 2671+10+12+21+23

3Eastern Division 3885+6+18+24+35

Olivia Jones

4Central Division 2968+17+19+25+27

Lashley Molly

5Eastern Division 1125


6Western Division 11317+11+22+45+46 Mary Yount

7Eastern Division 41439+28+32+33+41

8Eastern Division 516315+29+37+40+42

Abigail Tenreiro

9Central Division 117620+36+38+39+43 Sydney Adams

10Eastern Division 623844+47+48+49+50 Caitlin Kaprelian

        Below is the breakdown of each division's top 5 runners from their respective 2018 divisional championships meet, their times at said meet, and the place they scored in our divisional ranking. For each division's returning runners rankings, make sure to check the links at the bottom of the article. 
eastern division 1
4Vivian Mcmahon10Brookline High School18:48.604
26Annie Jackson11Boston Latin School19:29.0026
30Grace Maffei10Acton-Boxborough High School19:30.9030
31Danna Ofek11Lexington High School19:32.3031
34Slap Mirambeaux11Lowell High School19:34.9034

eastern division 2 
2Kate Connolly10Natick High School18:27.602
3Emma Kerimo10Concord Carlisle High School18:37.503
13Nicole Anderson11Billerica Memorial High School19:09.2013
14Nora Bannon11Wellesley High School19:15.3014
16Iris Bergman10Concord Carlisle High School19:17.2016

eastern division 3
5Olivia Jones10Hopkinton High School18:50.805
6Ava Duggan11Milton High School18:52.506
18Makayla Paige10Tewksbury Memorial High School19:19.8018
24Schuyler Gooley11Hopkinton High School19:24.1024
35Mia Costa10Walpole High School19:39.7035

eastern division 4
9Lindsay Maclellan11North Reading High School19:01.909
28Abby Hassman11Foxboro High School19:29.3028
32Rachel Pranga10Nauset Regional High School19:33.4032
33Isabella Pietrasiewicz10Norton High School19:34.7033
41Abigale Farrell11Nauset Regional High School19:54.9041

Eastern division 5
15Abigail Tenreiro11Seekonk High School19:16.2015
29Emma Eastman11Sandwich High School19:30.7029
37Ellie Gay-killeen10Triton Regional High School19:47.9037
40Caitlin Britt10Dover Sherborn Regional High School19:51.6040
42Adrienne Christy8Marthas Vineyard Regional High School19:56.1042

eastern division 6
44Caitlin Kaprelian11West Bridgewater High School20:16.4044
47Grace Sousa10Georgetown High School20:32.8047
48Ava Mahoney11Bishop Fenwick High School20:56.4048
49Katelyn Quinn-cyr11Austin Prep School21:04.5049
50Annika Brink11Ipswich High School21:43.6050

central division 1
20Sydney Adams10Groton Dunstable Regional High School19:20.7020
36Emma Sullivan11Shepherd Hill Regional High School19:40.1036
38Christina Gunsalus10Shepherd Hill Regional High School19:49.5038
39Kaitlyn Desio10Algonquin Regional High School19:51.2039
43Bailie Falla11Wachusett Regional High School20:01.3043

central division 2
8Lashley Molly9Whitinsville Christian19:01.008
17Tessa Mcclain11Bromfield School19:19.0017
19Riley Clark9Littleton High School19:20.0019
25Sophie Odell10Parker Charter Essential School19:26.0025
27Sydney Korhonen11Parker Charter Essential School19:29.0027

western division 1
7Mary Yount11Northampton High School18:55.007
11Sarah Ross10Agawam High School19:08.0011
22Isabela Shepard11Amherst-Pelham Regional High School19:22.0022
45Zada Forde11Amherst-Pelham Regional High School20:17.0045
46Kendyl Vermette10Ludlow High School20:18.0046

western division 2
1Emily Boutin11Pope Francis18:19.001
10Grace Elliot9Lenox Memorial High School19:03.0010
12Ellen Huth10Lenox Memorial High School19:09.0012
21Josie Smith9Mount Greylock Regional High School19:21.0021
23Jackie Wells10Mount Greylock Regional High School19:24.0023

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