Salute To Seniors: Allie Demers, Groton-Dunstable

Allie Demers, Groton-Dunstable

MileSplit: What would you consider the highlight of your high school career?

Allie: I think the highlight of my high school career is being a part of 3 school records: 4x800m (indoor), DMR (indoor), and DMR (outdoor).

MileSplit: What was your most memorable performance?

Allie: Placing 15th at the 2015 Central Massachusetts Divisional States cross country meet. My team placed fourth overall, which meant we did not qualify for the state meet as a team, but I qualified as an individual. I knew all the strides at the end of practice everyday finally paid because I outkicked the 16th place finisher by .6 seconds!

MileSplit: What was your most difficult obstacle to overcome?

Allie: In my junior year, I found out I had mono so I was unable to participate in indoor track that year. Going into outdoor track, I was completely out of shape and fatigued. Every workout, race, and easy run felt like a struggle. I remember my coach had the distance team do a ladder workout (400, 600, 800, 600, 400) and I could not finish the workout. That moment broke my confidence but also made me realize running is not meant to be easy. If I want to succeed, I'm going to have to put in a lot of hard work and trust the process.

MileSplit: What advice would you give to younger athletes?

Allie: I have two pieces of advice to give: 1.) Take care of your body. Always stretch, roll out, and ice after any workout or easy run. Not doing any of these fundamentals can snowball and lead to bigger injuries that could put you out for the rest of the season. 2.) Being the best isn't everything. It is easy to get caught up in times and standings in track and cross country, but remember to focus on your goals and not everyone else's. As long as you are content with your race or performance, everything else shouldn't matter at the end of the day.  

MileSplit: What will you miss most?

Allie: I will miss going to the Martha's Vineyard Invitational every year. Two years ago, my coach implemented a team overnight in Falmouth, Massachusetts. We travel down as a team to stay in downtown Falmouth, have a team pasta dinner at La Cucina Sul Mar, and get ice cream at Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium. The next morning we wake up early and catch the ferry to Martha's Vineyard to race the invitational. After the race, the team spends the day walking around Oak Bluffs and going to the beach. The overnight is a great bonding experience with my teammates and is now a team tradition. In addition, the Martha's Vineyard Invitational course is super flat and fast so it is very rewarding to see all your pre-season training pay off if you get a quick time.

MileSplit: What are your future plans?

Allie: I plan to continue to my academic and athletic career at Wheaton College (MA). Go Lyons!

MileSplit: What influence has your coach (or coaches) had with respect to your performance and overall life goals?

Allie: My coach, Colleen Naboicheck has had a huge impact on my life. She has taught me everything I know about running and she believes in me when I don't believe in myself. Running is definitely a sport you have to learn how to love and Coach has helped me learn to love it, even helping me pursue a career in collegiate athletics. Without her training, support, and constant running mottos ("pain is temporary, but glory lasts forever!"), I don't know where I'd be.


MileSplit: Who would you like to say Thank You?

Allie: I would like to say thank you to my best friend Sarah Maple. The summer going into the 2017 cross country season, my coach told me a new runner would be moving to Groton. The first captain's practice we met and instantly clicked, and after that we trained almost everyday over the summer in preparation for cross country. She has taught me how to be brave, gutsy, and spontaneous when running. Most importantly, she has been there for me as a friend and a teammate.

Random Questions

Favorite Food: Frozen mango

Favorite Movie: McFarland, USA

Favorite Athlete: Brad Marchand

Favorite Sport other than running: Tennis

Stranded alone on an island, what would be the one thing you would need to maintain your sanity? My dog