Shelgren, Sheffield Top Finishers At Manhattan

St. John Prep's Tristan Shelgren and Lowell's Olivia Sheffield were the top MA finishers at Saturday's Manhattan Invitational.

Shelgren was third in the Varsity D boys' race with a time of 12:45.30 for the 4K course at Van Cortlandt Park. His time was ranked 13th overall in the seven races.

Sheffield was eighth in the Varsity C girls' race where she was timed in 15:21.60. She was 39th overall in the seven races.

Manhattan HS Invitational

Van Cortlandt Park New York, NY
Oct 14, 2017
3,398 Total Performances (89 MA)

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Elite Performances

Girls (23)
2000mF 1 5th7:29.80Julianne ClarkChelmsford High School
2000mF 1 31st8:34.00Audrey JonesWestford Academy
2000mF 1 44th8:36.70Gabriel O'conner-carinaChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 8th15:21.60Olivia SheffieldLowell High School
4000mF 1 25th16:36.90Emma EastmanSandwich High School
4000mF 1 29th20:21.30Samantha GruberWestford Academy
4000mF 1 32nd16:31.20Lindsey AhernLowell High School
4000mF 1 40th21:18.60Isabelle LunsfordWestford Academy
4000mF 1 41st16:42.60Maria MarquesLowell High School
4000mF 1 43rd21:31.10Schuyler CadyWestford Academy
4000mF 1 43rd17:00.80Emily DuryeaSandwich High School
4000mF 1 51st17:17.00Molly SilvestriSandwich High School
4000mF 1 52nd16:57.80Sarah MeehanLowell High School
4000mF 1 53rd24:08.80Ali WalterWestford Academy
4000mF 1 54th17:23.70Anna GoodwinSandwich High School
4000mF 1 71st17:43.60Chloe CatalinaSandwich High School
4000mF 1 77th17:24.30Slap MirambeauxLowell High School
4000mF 1 93rd18:13.20Hannah HovdaSandwich High School
4000mF 1 119th18:36.50Jasmine FridmanSomerville High School
4000mF 1 136th19:54.40Katy SmithSandwich High School
4000mF 1 148th19:33.50Yuying ChenSomerville High School
4000mF 1 173rd21:43.70Edith AllenSomerville High School
4000mF 1 179th21:59.30Nancy OnyejiakaSomerville High School
Boys (66)
2000mF 1 3rd6:18.00George NikolakopoulasSt. John's Prep
2000mF 1 5th6:22.10Connor FitzgeraldWestford Academy
2000mF 1 11th6:27.30Patrick HosmanSt. John's Prep
2000mF 1 14th6:30.40Noah MooneySt. John's Prep
2000mF 1 15th6:30.70Graham MacdonaldSt. John's Prep
2000mF 1 17th6:34.00Aiden HennesseyChelmsford High School
2000mF 1 22nd6:38.00Peter CrapseySt. John's Prep
2000mF 1 23rd6:38.60James BarrettChelmsford High School
2000mF 1 29th6:44.10Nick BurnsChelmsford High School
2000mF 1 31st6:44.60Luke AbrahamChelmsford High School
2000mF 1 37th6:50.60Justin LionaWestford Academy
2000mF 1 40th6:54.30Henry O'donnellWestford Academy
2000mF 1 41st6:55.40Matt CarpenterChelmsford High School
2000mF 1 49th7:02.60Sean HayesChelmsford High School
2000mF 1 55th7:24.50Kevin HicksCatholic Memorial High School
4000mF 1 2nd12:59.50Colin FitzpatrickLowell High School
4000mF 1 3rd12:45.30Tristan ShelgrenSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 4th13:08.60Zach JarnaginChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 4th13:07.30Nasir GibsonLowell High School
4000mF 1 8th13:16.60Jason DolanWestford Academy
4000mF 1 10th14:11.50Declan SheehanSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 10th13:24.10Chris GalarzaLowell High School
4000mF 1 11th13:24.60Carlos RiveraLowell High School
4000mF 1 16th13:32.30Jadiel PinalesLowell High School
4000mF 1 17th13:35.70Drew FottlerChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 21st14:48.70Charlie AndersonSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 21st13:38.70Matthew O'neillLowell High School
4000mF 1 22nd13:41.10Brendan LombardSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 27th13:53.40Tom GermannWestford Academy
4000mF 1 29th13:47.20Steven JacksonSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 30th13:55.60Andrew MadsenChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 30th13:47.30Kevin CarneySt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 32nd13:50.30Jack DwortzSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 37th13:54.30Martin MungaiLowell High School
4000mF 1 40th13:54.50Derek WalshSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 41st13:54.80Ben WintersSt. John's Prep
4000mF 1 42nd15:36.60Sean DonohueCatholic Memorial High School
4000mF 1 43rd15:39.30Jeff MorrisseyChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 44th14:15.50Colin McginnWestford Academy
4000mF 1 46th15:41.50Evan PlatteelChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 52nd14:39.50Phillips MagreSomerville High School
4000mF 1 53rd15:59.90Timothy NolanWestford Academy
4000mF 1 56th16:03.70Neil BrownWestford Academy
4000mF 1 59th14:27.60Ryan HayesChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 63rd15:57.00Ryan LefebreWestford Academy
4000mF 1 65th14:29.90Benjamin TrantanellaWestford Academy
4000mF 1 66th16:32.20Miles FosterWestford Academy
4000mF 1 74th16:47.90Chris BlaszakWestford Academy
4000mF 1 76th14:28.90Joey PapapietroSandwich High School
4000mF 1 79th14:42.00Adam MullenWestford Academy
4000mF 1 81st14:42.60Andre DanahyChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 92nd17:29.50Matthew RyanWestford Academy
4000mF 1 102nd14:59.10Suubi NkugwaChelmsford High School
4000mF 1 104th15:46.30Othniel Cotta- NascimentoSomerville High School
4000mF 1 107th15:05.70Matt CappucciWestford Academy
4000mF 1 113th15:56.80Samuel NewmanSomerville High School
4000mF 1 115th19:24.60Owen LangloisWestford Academy
4000mF 1 116th15:11.90Nathaniel FosterWestford Academy
4000mF 1 118th20:36.30Thomas DouglasWestford Academy
4000mF 1 121st16:19.10Patrick RafterySomerville High School
4000mF 1 131st15:48.70Brendan JulienCatholic Memorial High School
4000mF 1 134th17:17.40Sam LeonardWestford Academy
4000mF 1 150th16:52.70Joe MonagleCatholic Memorial High School
4000mF 1 152nd16:59.10Chris DelucaCatholic Memorial High School
4000mF 1 154th17:03.00Peter DustinCatholic Memorial High School
4000mF 1 221st23:10.40Robert KriegWestford Academy