What's Up With Grace & Ryan (& Other X-C Stuff)?

About as quick as a Mo Farah kick, the first month of cross country has come and gone. Although the month of September, at least in Massachusetts, is a month where teams are just getting started, there's still plenty to write about with the meat of the schedule still a few weeks away.

What have we seen so far? We saw some Bay Staters making quite a bit of noise in Rhode Island less than two weeks ago at the always-competitive Ocean State Invitational? We also saw some of our teams prosper at other out-of-state regions such as New Hampshire and New York.

In-state, we had one of our biggest invitationals of the season this past Saturday with schools from throughout the state heading to Wrentham for the Frank Kelley Invitational? What happened there? We had the usual suspects finishing up front and two talented newcomers, at least on the cross-country trails, make a strong debut at the popular meet. 

This past month also had some visible no-shows by our two biggest stars at our September invitational meets. What's up there? 

With a month in the books, here's a quick wrap-up of what has transpired on the uneven terrain and the answer to our final question.

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