Race Of The Day: 2020 MIAA D2 Champs Boys 600

In arguably one of the best and closest finishes from this past year's MIAA Divisional Championship week, the Division 2 boys 600 meter champion was determined by a thousands of a second between Central Catholic senior Evan Mills and Marshfield junior Clay Macdonald as both were timed at 1:23.60. Mills rallied late coming off the final turn to just nip Maconald at the line.

1Evan Mills12Central Catholic High School1:23.605
2Clay Macdonald11Marshfield High School1:23.605
3Alex Cravens12Woburn High School1:24.275
4Matthew Chicko12North Andover High School1:24.795
5Adam Canario12Woburn High School1:25.105
6Patrick Gilligan12Beverly High School1:25.233
7Jovan Joseph11King Philip Regional High School1:25.295
8Dominek Borden11Greater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School1:26.803
9Henry Yang12Belmont High School1:27.044
10Jackson Coelho10Belmont High School1:27.404
11Zach Gillette12Belmont High School1:27.664
12Richard Lande12Waltham High School1:27.814
13Andrew Howard11North Andover High School1:28.093
14Greg Melusky12Bridgewater Raynham Regional High School1:28.143
15Stephen Spofford11Chelmsford High School1:28.152
16Caden Riley11Mansfield High School1:28.423
17Owen Phelan10North Andover High School1:28.963
18Jack Keelan12Waltham High School1:29.374
19Ben Quinn10Belmont High School1:29.414
20Jack Bicksler11North Andover High School1:29.471
21Jazmany Reyes12Chelsea High School1:29.502
22Connor Brewster11Barnstable High School1:29.672
23Christopher Perreault11Barnstable High School1:30.462
24Matt Higgins12Chelmsford High School1:30.731
25Jack Mccarron12Wellesley High School1:30.741
26Wilkin Tejeda12Wellesley High School1:31.271