POLL: Which '18 Boys Division Champ Will Have Best Year?

The State Division 2 boys getting ready to start at the MIAA All State Finals. Newburyport High School - in the yellow - are the reigning Eastern Division 4 and State Division 2 champions. Photo by Maddie Jones.

        Vote for which reigning Divisional championship winning team will have the best 2019 season this year. Some teams to watch out for include Concord Carlisle High School - who finished first in the Division 1 race at the 2018 MIAA All State Finals - and Newburyport High School - who took home first in the Division 2 race. However, Concord Carlisle did graduate their top 2 runners, who finished 5th and 6th at the MIAA All State Finals last season. Newburyport, who scored 61 points in a dominate MIAA All State Finals winning performance, graduated only two of their top 7 - one of which was their 7th runner. However, they did also graduate their top runner and 2018 Division 2 All State champion, Sam Acquaviva. Both of these schools have both been dominate forces in Massachusetts for years and will surely be a huge threat again in 2019.          

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