South Shore Twilight, Notre Dame Last Chance On Saturday

Once again, meets will be taking place from morning until night on Saturday. Only this time there's only two here in MA, the 13th annual Notre Dame Last Chance Meet in Hingham and the South Shore Principals Twilight Invitational from mid afternoon to the evening.

Both meets will feature a full slate of events with the South Shore Invite also including a boys' and girls' Pentathlon.



Order of Events

Field Events: 9:30 am Start
Girls Long Jump, then Boys-7 to Finals
Boys Triple Jump, then Girls Long Jump-7 to Finals
Girls Discus, then Boys -7 to Finals
Boys Shot Put, then Girls-7 to Finals
Boys Javelin, then Girls 7 to Finals
Pole Vault 606 Girls, then Boys 906
Running Events: Fastest to Slowest Boys, then Girls
10:00am 2 Mile
400 M Hurdles
200 Meter Trials- 8 fastest to Finals
One Mile
100/110 Hurdles Trials-8 Fastest to Finals
100 M Trials-8Fastest to Finals
400 M
800 M
200 M-Finals
110 M Hurdles-Finals
100 M Hurdles-Finals
100 M Finals
4 x 800 M Relay
4 x 100 M Relay
4 x 400 M Relay
Also if any teams need a US Nationals Relay Qualifier Event-Please contact Meet Director.
Questions: Contact Meet Director: Rick Kates


Order of Events

2:00 PM Pentathlon B&G

3:00 PM Field Events
3:00 PM Running Events - (Girls Before Boys)

Freshman Mile
Unseeded Mile Sections
2 Mile Run
400 Meter Hurdle Finals
One Mile Run- Seeded Section
100 Meter Hurdles (G) (Trials)
110 Meter Hurdles (B) (Trials)
100 Meter Freshman (Trials)
100 Meter Dash Trials Trials
400 Meter Run Freshman
400 Meter Run Finals
200 Meter Dash Finals (Final Only On Time)
800 Meter Run
110 Meter Hurdle Finals
100 Meter Hurdle Finals
100 Meter Freshman
Finals 100 Meter Dash Finals
3200 Meter Relay
400 Meter Relay
1600 Meter Relay