Trackside Blog With Mike Miller

3:27         Lexington breaks meet record !

3:20     Race of the day.....Lexington's Robin Gross holds off Precious Holmes for a Lexington victory 3:56.12

3:01 Christian Alvarado takes the 2 Mile 9:14.28 Fairfield Prep, Ct

2:32: Brown goes 10:45, so it's DiBalsi in the end. What a fast first mile out of Brown, though, wondering if DiBalsi's mark from the previous heat was in the back of her mind?

2:30: Brown looks strained, but nobody in this heat is close... DiBalsi's time has a slim chance of holding up if Brown falls back.

2:28: Maddy Berkson is lurking in the chase pack- but Brown crossed the 1.5 mark in 7:56. Jackie Burr moves into 2nd.

2:27: Bethanie Brown says Hannah who- 2:30/5:08 through the half/ mile... she already ran the 1K too.

2:20: Top two shot putters same order as last week in Mass.- NN's Smith goes 41'3", but Sabrina Silva goes 41'8". Smith returns for another go-around nexy year too!

2:19: And it's all DiBalsi... unofficially wins the "slow" section in 10:39- what;s the fast section going to look like?

2:17: Staples (CT)'s Hannah DiBalsi is crushing the unseeded section of the two mile- through in 5:18. Not sure what happened that left her in this section, as she's the #2 seed, but she doesn't seem deterred.

2:07: It's Bolze in 34.69, a hair ahead of Lucken in 34.81. What a race, what an effort from Lucken late, and Bolze to hold him off. 

2:06: Bolze goes through in 21.8.... good god. Lucken's coming, Lucken's coming...

2:02: Make that 12 41.10 and under- very deep. How good was Holmes? 3rd best in the USA, back to back NE champion.

1:59: Precious Holmes goes 38.92 after a 24.8 first 200 to take the 300 over Q-Mac in 39.54. At least 10 kids went under 41.10 in the field. 

1:50: Hillhouse's Harold Cooper wins dash in 6.42, Amherst Sophomore Taj-Amir Torres closes to 2nd in 6.45. Great race, any one of top 3 could have had it until late.

1:45: Kate Hall takes the dash with an incredible last 10 meters... 2nd girl to break a ME state record (Looker in the 1000), time of 7.07 is top-10 in the country. Henson and Scott 7.16 and 7.19, repping Mass. wel.

1:43: Garnick goes 8.01!!! Remember when that would have opened more eyes? Last year ruined the hurdles forever, seemed like 8.00 became passe. Dawidzcyk goes PR 8.18, Isidor 8.22. Fast fast fast- what happened to hurdles around here?

1:42: Betsy Garnick takes the hurdles... time TBA, its FAST!

1:41: McEwen didn't do anything wrong, going 7.49- but Park was simply the best going 7.40!

1:40: It's Jung Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upset of the day so far, with McEwen falling across the line... times TBA, expect FAST!

1:37: False start- someone's going home early...

1:35: Boys hurdle finals- looks like preferred lanes go to McEwen, Park of Newton South, Colello of LS, and VT's Polen. 

1:23: Kate Hall goes 7.16 in the dash trials- made some fast runners look far away with a .3 win. Will she give Quashira McIntosh a run in the finals? We'll have to wait and see.

1:22: Sarah Gillespie takes it in about 4:55 with Jessica Wojnicki taking 2nd and shaving about 15 seconds off her time.

1:20: Girls seeded milers through in 2:24- Gillespie and Wojnicki lead the pack.

1:17: Emrich's 1:20.58 is #3 in the US and Niemec's LJ of 23'10" is the meet record and #4 in the US. That's a 12 year old meet record Niemec toyed with, and a field he beat by about a foot.

1:10: No Rollim, no problem... Zach Emrich of N. Kingstown goes 1:20 low for the win. Out in 51.5 on the shoulder of East Lyme's Ben Ostrowsky, great race from both guys.

1:07: McEwen of Bloomfield lays down the hammer in the first 55HH section- 8.53.

1:02: Boys 600 should prove to be a fun race to watch- top 6 seeds under 1:23, but Andre Rollin hasn't ben pushed yet, and he's the defending champion.

1:00: Officials for the gils 600- Johnson 1:33.37 and Piccolo 1:33.56. 

12:58: In what would be an upset to everyone outside of RI who knows what she can do, Erica Johnson steals it from Picolo over the final 50m. Both kids run 1:33, tight finish.

12:57: Amy Piccolo on the track in the 600- the field is tight through 300.

12:55: Melissa Isidor takes the 1st HH heat in 8.30, nosing out Saccone of ORR. Betsy Garnick goes 8.28 for the 2nd heat. Dawidzcyk goes 8.25 for a PR in heat #3.

12:46: Wynne goes 2:25.xx on his own! It looks like Said Ahmed's record lives to see another year, but too close to call it.

12:44: Carl Whitham wins the shot put in 56'10"... Henry Wynne is through the 600 in 1:24.6!!!!!! A 40 meter lead for Wynne.

12:39: 2:49.32 offcailly for Berkson, but that wasn't the only fast one. Looker of Ellsworth, ME and Brown of Waterville go 2:53, Lenehan goes 2:54, Bendzinski of CT goes 2:56, and oh of Darien goes 2:56 out of the unseeded heat.

12:35: Maddy Berkson 2:49!!!!!!!!!! Broke her own meet record with a devastating last lap of 32!

12:34: Seeded 1K- through 2 laps Breanna Lenahan leads, with Halprin-Adams and Berkson right there as well.

12:33: Chisholm official 4:16.82, Kelly 4:17.51, and Coppinger goes 4:18.67 for 3rd- pride of Lowell in the house.

12:32: Girls unseeded 1000 on the track- waiting to hear who won between Couitt and Gray- I think it was Couitt at 6'9".

12:30: And it's Matt Chisholm of Farmington CT in u/o 4:15! Great last lap big finishing kick. Kelly did the work for 7 laps, and he runs 4:16.

12:29: With a lap to go Bryce Kelly leads Matt Chisholm by a meter!

12:26: Here we go, fast section of the boys mile... Bryce Kelly leads Pat Coppinger through the half in about 2:06.

12:22:The days of the gigantic high jumper are gone... neither Couitt or Gray is bigger than 6'1"... Gray missed 6'11" 3x, Couitt's final attempt is.... no good.

12:21: Acton-Boxboro wins the 4x200 in 1:30.51! Bishop Hendricken comes out of the 2nd fastest section for 2nd, with Woburn in 3rd. Times might have been even faster in the fast section, but there was some racing and rubbing going on and some batons being dropped.

12:20: Couitt and Demario Gray give 6'11" a go... 

12:15  Adam Couitt of Somerset -Berkley just cleared 6'9"

12:11 Alex Niemiec Of Chicopee Comp jumps a meet record 23' 10"

12:02: Kaylnn Pitts wins the high jump on a jump off at 5'5".

12:01: And its Darien (CT), Greenwich (CT), and Cambridge, but NDA looks clear for 3rd!

12:02: Kaylnn Pitts wins the high jump on a jump off at 5'5".

12:01: And its Darien (CT), Greenwich (CT), and Cambridge, but NDA looks clear for 3rd!

11:59: NDA Hingham goes 1:45 flat to win the real penultimate section... and here we go! Fast section!

11:56: Woburn unofficial 1:45 high to take the penultimate 4x200... jump off in the high jump at 5'6"... Alex Niemec goes 23'10" in the pit!

11:54: Portsmouth (RI) edges Hope (RI) in section 5 of the 4x200- great last 50 from Portsmouth!

11:42: Bar is at 5'7", 5 jumpers left... Collins, Alexander, Coker, Carrie Abraham, and Kaylnn Pitts from Woonsocket, RI. 

11:40: The order holds... Hingham goes 7:56, Mass. best this year!   

11:39: Final leg- Hingham and Ridgefield neck and neck with Billerica and Cambridge in tow.

11:37: Hingham has taken the lead from Billerica in the fast section of the 4x800, Ridgefield is right there, a lap and a leg to go!

11:36:Wachusett's Amy Collins takes care of 5'5" as does Lucy Alexander of L-S.

11:29:Falmouth's Hadlee Coker clears 5'5" for the first time! Big cheer from the crowd.

11:27: Official time for Hillhouse is 9:16.47, the fastest time in N.E this year, and the 9th best in the US... LaSalle and Gansett are 13th and 15th in the country.

11:26: Girls high jump bar has been raised to 5'5" with what appears to be 8 competitors left.

11:20: Hillhouse takes it in 9:16, with LaSalle edging Narragansett in 9:20 apiece, and W-H in 4th at 9:24. Fast! 

11:18:With yet another 2:21 leg, Hillhouse is starting to lap the field. Now Narragansett joins W-H and LaSalle in the chase pack.

‚Äč11:16: Hillhouse stays on top with another 2:20, LaSalle and now Whitman-Hanson in tow.

11:14:Through the first leg of the fast section, Hillhouse has laid down the gauntlet in 2:13.5 w/ Kelly Davis, ahead of LaSalle, Narragansett and the field. 

11:10: Brunswick girls take the unseeded section, unofficially in 9:55.

11:05: Running events underway with the girls 4x800 first section... Early leader is Brunswick at 4:57 through two legs.

11:00: Manchester West (NH)'s Promise Kpee wins the first LJ flight at 20'11.5". A 5 inch improvement!

10:52: John Carroll just made his first of what proves to be many references to high juper Alex Niemec's height.... JC, we get it, he's small but he jumps high. Let it go, broseph!

10:42: A little bit of insider info, for those trying to predict the boys 4x800... Lowell will sit seniors Pat Coppinger and Killa Kalenoski in favor of Randy Nong and Johnny Abraham, making it an all junior relay.

10:35: The National Anthem has been sung, the athletes are warming up, and the field events have begun. As the legendary Larry Newman would say, "here we go"...

To celebrate what promises to be a great day of action at the New England Championships, Milesplitmass will be on the scene with its first ever Live Blog. Mike Miller and others will be providing instant results and commentary for all of the action, giving you, if you can't be there yourself, the next best thing. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the show.