MileSplitCA Podcast - Albert Caruana

Tags: Interview

MileSplit California podcast, hosted by state editor Jeffrey Parenti with special guest Albert Caruana. Albert is a multiple-sport championship coach at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Northern California and the NorCal editor for MileSplitCA. 

Here's the show rundown for this podcast:

00:00 - Introduction
00:37 - Albert on the many sports he coaches
01:02 - Location of Crystal Springs Uplands
01:29 - Albert on competing in both the NCS and CCS
01:41 - Hardest part of the quarantine
03:27 - Athletes missed opportunities, experiences
04:11 - A piece of their athletic career lost
04:52 - Albert on past challenges to the NorCal competition schedule
06:28 - Albert on coach education opportunities during quarantine
08:07 - His connection with current athletes during quarantine
08:46 - Feedback from other coaches
10:50 - Training instruction for CSU standout freshman Kaiya Brooks
12:36 - Albert elaborates on his weekly Zoom call with other coaches
14:33 - XC courses at Crystal Springs and Mt SAC are recently in the news. What's the conversation like about these courses?
17:03 - What are the alternatives to the Crystal Springs XC course in the CCS?
19:14 - Fifty years of history on the Crystal Springs course
20:00 - What makes the Crystal Springs course so special?
22:36 - What are other iconic XC courses in the state?
25:42 - What's the toughest course in the state?
27:10 - Albert on Jack Shepard and his annual high school track record book
29:20 - More on Jack's stellar record book
29:51 - Jack's favorite high school athlete ... 
31:02 - Close-up look at the pole vault records
31:42 - Albert on other influential behind-the-scenes people
32:50 - Discussion on the MileSplitCA Dream Team series and going down the rabbit hole of CA track history
35:00 - Albert comments on the Section Showdown Series and elaborates on comparing elite former runners
37:10 - Jeff on covering the year Isaac Cortes and Michael Norman both doubled at the State Meet
38:16 - Albert elaborates on Isaac's rare 800m-1600m double at State.
40:18 - Albert on how he would approach training an athlete for such a double
41:17 - Albert explains the background on his screen
42:11 - Thank you, Albert!