Franklin Park All-Time List: State Meet Added Nov 19, 2011

One way to ensure a bright future is to preserve the past.  Norwell coach Chuck Martin has undertaken the painstaking process of documenting the rich history of our fine sport and will be sharing with us a series of lists that illustrate the elite pedigree of Massachusetts distance running. 

Weymouth is Tough Under Pressure Nov 12, 2011

The pressure was on the Weymouth girls in Saturday’s Div. 1 EMass Championship race, but Mike Millers’ Wildcats were primed and ready to turn away their competition over the 3.1-mile Franklin Park course.

The Power of One Nov 10, 2011

Weymouth's unity extends beyond the race course and is fostered by a desire to prove their detractors flat wrong.  Coach Connolly explains that the path to their ultimate goal is not guided by individual accolades like personal best times; rather, it's the byproduct of a group of young men weathering the inherent ups and downs of championship racing……together.