The App Store Addresses Our Coaching Inadequacies


As technology marches on, the world of cross country and track follows suit.  Coaches are now using smartphones and tablets to instantly record and correct the mechanics of athletes in practice; databases of stats are analyzed in pre-meet planning; and information is passes instantly through a variety of modalities.

Despite the advances, many coaches continue to lug backpacks full of clipboards and watches to each meet, missing their opportunity to harness the power of the miniature computer they have in their pocket.  To their credit, most of the coaching legends can breakdown splits and recite stats faster than any machine, but for the rest of us, there is the App Store. 

Dozens of running related apps are released each month.  Most cater to the weekend warrior trying to calculate their projected marathon pace, but a few are designed by track geeks, for track geeks.  These obscure programs address problems that are unique to those of us who feel compelled to get splits on ten athletes at once, or who bravely traverse cross country courses to get that mid-race team score.

Unfortunately, the universal application that addresses all of our idiosyncrasies does not exist, but the list below may be a good place to start. Each has unique features that can be useful to coaches, athletes, and fans.  They are just a sample of dozens that you can find in the Apple App Store (many can also be found in the Android platform), and we encourage you to share links to other programs you find useful in the comment section. Together we can all become a little more efficient.



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XC Score

Nathaniel Rudd

Category: Sports

Updated: Aug 09, 2011

XC Score allows you to score a meet at given intervals (mile marks, etc.), score a meet at the finish, and create hypothetical meet situations.  Scoring takes into account incomplete teams and you can adjust the start time of the stopwatch in case you missed the gun.



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XC Scoring

Ethan Whitaker

Category: Sports

Updated: Sep 27, 2011

XC Scoring allows coaches or spectators to dynamically score a cross country meet in real time at any point in a race.  As runners go by, XC Scoring scores up to 100 teams simultaneously, taking into account the complexities of displacement and incomplete teams. In addition, it can be used to score several intermediate points on a course (i.e. mile mark, halfway mark, or finish) and then the results can be shared via email. 



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NFHS Rules 


Category: Sports

Updated: Feb 17, 2012

The NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Rules app gives you Rule and Case books together in a searchable, interactive mobile app!  Used by high school (NFHS) and college (NCAA) officials, coaches, athletes, and fans.  This app gives you quick access to the information you need without having to carry the book.



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Shannon Technologies

Category: Sports

Updated: Mar 05, 2012

SplitTimer is a timing app specifically designed for track athletes, coaches, and fans.  It allows the user to select a running event from a list, and then to collect splits at each lap.  It can then calculate each lap time, as well as, predicted final time based on the average pace so far. Users can also send recorded times to themselves or others via email.



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Calculator For Runnners  

Makoto Hashizume

Category: Health & Fitness

Updated: Apr 20, 2011


Calculator For Runners is a calculator for all runners. You can calculate (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) time values like a general calculator.  In addition, you can also easily calculate running pace, time, and distance. Simple, but effective.



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Pace Calculator

James Condon

Category: Sports

Updated: Jan 18, 2011

Quickly calculate any pace you want based on a distance and time. In addition, you can map out interval paces to hit a percentage of your race pace for a given distance.  This app is helpful when you need to quickly figure out what time you need to run when completing quarters at 80% of your mile race pace, etc.