Salute To Seniors: Rachel Sessa, Tewksbury

Salute To Seniors: Rachel Sessa, Tewksbury Memorial

MileSplit: What would you consider the highlight of your high school career?
Rachel: Being apart of our school's first ever All-State Championship Title in my first triple at that level

MileSplit: What was your most memorable performance?
Rachel: Running the 4x800m with my best friends and winning from the unseeded heat at All-States in a school record time.

MileSplit: What was your most difficult obstacle to overcome?
Rachel: Trusting that results will come over time and that you might not always "feel ready" when the gun goes off

MileSplit: What advice would you give to younger athletes?
Rachel: Scoring isn't the only way to contribute on a team. Be the leader. Be the comedic relief guy. Be the overenthusiastic "this is gonna be so much FUN" guy. Recognize your value and trust that someone is always counting on you and rooting for you. Compete for them.

MileSplit: What will you miss most?
Rachel: Distance runners spend A LOT of time together. I know my coaches and most of these kids better than I know some of my family members. I'll miss all of our goofing off adventures that happened between the training, and hope that my teammates continue that balance of fun and discipline.

MileSplit: What are your future plans?
Rachel: Keep moving forward! I'll be studying and competing at Georgetown University in Washington D.C with a great group of girls from all over the country that I'm super excited to meet.

MileSplit: What influence has your coach (or coaches) had with respect to your performance and overall life goals?
Rachel: For such a small (and sidewalk-less) town, Tewksbury is so lucky to have world class coaches. They know and have experience in what they preach, they are absolute geeks for the sport, and they're just really fun people to be around. They have invested so much time into developing me as an athlete and as a person - most notably in the communication department. Thanks Molloy + Cusick + Byrnes! It's been one heck of a journey. #don'ttakethecheese

MileSplit: Who would you like to say thank you?
Rachel: Mom & Dad for all the sacrifices you make to let me give this my 100% and being parents for other kids on the team too
Nikki (sister): for supporting me in a sport you could care less about and being your own awesome, incredible person
Carina & Grace & Eva (teammates): for welcoming an annoying freshman into your group and teaching me everything that is really important in track
Team & Town: for reaching out and reminding me who I compete for
Emily: for being the reason I started and continue to run. She shakes away all my nerves on the line, whether handing off a baton or cheering in the stands. She is my drive, my inspiration, and my best friend.

Random Questions

Favorite Food: Soup!
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Athlete: Shalane Flanagan
Favorite Sport other than track: Soccer 
Stranded alone on an island, what would be the one thing you would need to maintain your sanity?
tennis ball