NBNI Update: Oosting Runner-Up For Two Miles, Big-Time Mile PR For Jenks During Final Day!

Ryan Oosting gave it his best shot.

Facing the nation's top distance runner in Brodey Hasty, Oosting came mere strides from defeating the Brentwood (TN) senior in the two-mile run Sunday at the New Balance Nationals Indoor (NBNI) Championships. The Arlington junior finished second overall in 9 minutes, 1.87 seconds. Hasty, an Oregon signee, defended his title by breaking the tape in 9:00.38. 

Three other MA athletes competed in the deuce during the final day of the three-day meet. St. John's Prep's Tristan Shelgren finished14th overall (9:11.97. Newton North's Andrew Mah, who was fourth in the 5K on Friday, was 15th (9:12.17) and Saint John's Patriick Craemer was 22nd (9:22.61). 

In the girls' two mile, Amherst-Pelham's Sophia Jacobs-Townsley was 15th overall in 10:51.35.

Newton South sophomore Lucy Jenks just missed All-American status by taking seventh overall in the Championship Mile. Jenks clocked a personal best by more than six seconds with her time of 4:51.29! 

Acton-Boxborough's Samantha Friborg, who a few weeks ago won her first individual state crown for the 1K, was fifth overall in the 800m in 2:08.76. 

Elite Performances At NBNI (All 3 Days!)

Girls (35)
200mp 1 15th24.59Chloe AlfieriBromfield School
200mp 2 24th24.83Alyssa MaddenOakmont Regional High School
400mF 6 7th56.90Ava VasileMedway High School
400mp 4 18th56.90Abby ComellaWellesley High School
800mF 3 5th2:08.76Samantha FriborgActon-Boxborough High School
800mF 1 9th2:11.60Kate MitchellLynnfield High School
800mF 3 15th2:16.48Julia PalinNorton High School
MileF 2 1st4:58.07Margaret DonahueWellesley High School
MileF 1 7th4:51.29Lucy JenksNewton South High School
2MileF 1 15th10:51.35Sophia Jacobs-townsleyAmherst-Pelham Regional High School
5000mF 2 11th17:42.56Sophia Jacobs-townsleyAmherst-Pelham Regional High School
60HF 1 6th9.01Anoush KrafianBelmont High School
4x200mF 7 8th1:43.80Natick High School
4x200mF 3 9th1:43.94Wellesley High School
4x200mF 5 22nd1:45.63Wachusett Regional High School
4x400mF 2 9th4:01.85West Springfield High School
4x400mF 5 10th4:01.94Wachusett Regional High School
4x400mF 5 10th3:55.68Wellesley High School
SMRF 5 2nd4:09.73Andover High School
SMRF 3 6th4:12.74Franklin High School
SMRF 5 13th4:16.46Austin Prep School
SMRF 5 23rd4:16.85Woburn High School
SMRF 3 24th4:17.38Hopkinton High School
4x800mF 2 6th9:30.07Franklin High School
4x800mF 3 159:23.17

Newton South High School

4x800mF 1 14th9:37.67Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
4x800mF 1 19th9:27.57Needham High School
4x800mF 2 26th9:34.29Natick High School
DMRF 1 18th12:28.96Littleton High School
DMRF 1 21st12:32.77Woburn High School
HJF 1 4th5-5Anoush KrafianBelmont High School
HJF 1 6th5-5Lila BelsherHingham High School
SF 1 8th43-5.25Cameron GarabianSeekonk High School
PentF 1 5th56:32.00Anoush KrafianBelmont High School
PentF 1 9th53:35.00Saige TudiscoPentucket Regional Senior High School
Boys (47)
MileRWF 1 5th7:38.05Nolan AllenArlington High School
60mF 1 8th7.02Michael BlakeHudson High School
60mp 3 3rd7.00Michael BlakeHudson High School
60mp 3 13th6.88Dejury AmadoGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
60mp 6 27th7.00John CaouetteOakmont Regional High School
60mp 3 30th7.01Myles EpsteinRivers School
60ms 2 18th6.95Dejury AmadoGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
60ms 3 23rd7.05John CaouetteOakmont Regional High School
200mp 7 22nd22.10Mange CamanWatertown High School
400mF 4 10th50.00Richard SwansonMurdock High School
400mF 2 15th50.30Mannietenode Peri-OkonnyWachusett Regional High School
400mp 5 18th49.08Calvin PerkinsBelmont High School
800mF 1 6th1:56.44Robert RoosaLincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
800mF 4 23rd1:55.21Thomas LingardLexington High School
MileF 1 6th4:20.26Rishabh PrakashBurlington High School
2MileF 2 2nd9:01.87Ryan OostingArlington High School
2MileF 1 14th9:11.97Tristan ShelgrenSt. John's Prep
2MileF 2 15th9:12.17Andrew MahNewton North High School
2MileF 1 22nd9:22.61Patrick CraemerSaint John's High School
5000mF 2 5th14:50.50Andrew MahNewton North High School
5000mF 2 20th15:28.34Joshua RahnSaint John's High School
5000mF 1 26th15:34.14Brandon HallHopedale High School
5000mF 1 29th15:40.46Lucas AramburuBrookline High School
4x200mF 5 24th1:32.32Lexington High School
4x200mp 4 13th1:30.06Shrewsbury Senior High School
4x400mF 2 14th3:24.17Newton North High School
SMRF 5 4th3:30.43Lexington High School
SMRF 5 11th3:38.82Amherst-Pelham Regional High School
4x800mF 2 6th8:04.55Duxbury High School
4x800mF 2 6th7:50.10Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
4x800mF 2 15th8:11.46Newton North High School
DMRF 1 8th10:15.23Arlington High School
DMRF 1 32nd10:48.37Natick High School
4xMileF 1 17th18:14.83Wellesley High School
4xMileF 1 18th18:36.13Marshfield High School
HJF 1 5th6-3.25Samuel FerreiraApponequet Regional High School
HJF 1 12th6-3.25John McneilMedfield High School
LJF 1 2nd23-3.5Jaylynn CundiffBrockton High School
LJF 1 13th22-3.75Adam YangActon-Boxborough High School
TJF 1 18th44-5.25Carson DoodyNorth Middlesex Regional High School
TJF 1 22nd44-3.25Nathan SleimanNorth Quincy High School
WTF 1 8th59-8.5Connor RamosPeabody
SF 1 6th54-4.75Kris SelenisAthol High School
SF 1 9th54-2.5Bradley HarunkiewiczWareham High School
SF 1 15th56-9.5Aiden FeltyInnovation Academy Charter School
SF 1 17th52-4Dylan MuradCatholic Memorial High School
SF 1 21st51-3.75Eric DemayoPeabody