Meet Information

Races offered and order of races with approximate starting times
9:30am Div 1 JV Boys Race-5K
9:56am DIV 1 JV Girls Race-5K
10:18am DIV 1 Frosh Boys Race 3K
10:33am DIV 1 FROSH Girls Race-3k
10:50am DIV 1 Varsity Boys Race-5K
11:15am DIV 1 Varsity Girls Race-5K
12:15pm DIV 2 JV Boys Race-5K
12:38pm DIV 2 JV Girls Race-5K
1:05pm DIV 2 Frosh Boys Race-3K
1:20pm DIV 2 Frosh Girls Race-3K
1:38pm DIV 2 Varsity Boys Race-5K
2:00pm DIV 2 Varsity Girls Race-5K
(NOTE: hour break will take place between Division 2 and Division 1 races)
Division 1 MIAA EMass DIV 1,2,3, CMASS D1, WMASS D1
Division 2-MIAA EMASS DIV 4,5,6, CMASS D2, WMASS D2