Meet Information

Saturday September 17th 2016 9:30
Very open field and wood trail course
2 Races at 1.5 Miles
Middle School 7th/8th Grade Boys & Girls
4 races at 2.5-Miles
Freshmen/Sophomore Girls
Freshmen/Sophomore Boys
Junior/Senior Girls
Junior Senior Boys
Plaques and Medals to the top 15 in each race
Sanctioned by the MIAA
Plaques for the winning team in each division
Entry Fee is $150.00 per school or $10.00 per Individual
Middle School Teams $75.00 $5.00 Individual
If you are interested, e-mail Dennis Thibeault
Please send your roster to Jim Kelly at
Make checks or PO’s payable to the :Freetown-Lakeville
School District ,100 Howland Rd. ,Lakeville Mass 02347