Virtual Meets: Division 1,2 & 3 State Championships

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1Victori Steffon2018Wachusett Regional High School7.10 10
2Kyla Hill2019Springfield Central High School7.20 8
3Jessica Kroushl2018Franklin High School7.34 6
4Ally Bennett2018Andover High School7.35 5
5Grace Poku2019Framingham High School7.39 4
6Kimesha Lewis2019Lowell High School7.40 3
7Jaki Harding2019Westford Academy7.47 2
8Leche Small-brown2019Framingham High School7.51 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Kyla Hill2019Springfield Central High School40.71 10
2Victori Steffon2018Wachusett Regional High School40.89 8
3Kimesha Lewis2019Lowell High School40.91 6
4Delia Barbanti2019Andover High School41.49 5
5Jessica Kroushl2018Franklin High School42.07 4
6Saisha Small-brown2019Framingham High School42.17 3
7Hannah Lansberry2018Andover High School42.18 2
8Samantha Tichelaar2018Taunton High School42.23 1
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600 Meter Run

1Samantha Friborg2018Acton-Boxborough High School1:33.25 10
2Julianna Kennedy2019Andover High School1:36.40 8
3Elena Oberle2020Needham High School1:37.59 6
4Luana Machado2018Methuen High School1:38.72 5
5Julia Fenerty2019Franklin High School1:38.74 4
6Olivia Dias2021Taunton High School1:39.43 3
7Reagan Gillooly2019Shrewsbury Senior High School1:39.65 2
8Mary Corcoran2018Brookline High School1:39.90 1
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1,000 Meter Run

1Lucy Jenks2020Newton South High School2:53.73 10
2Elena Oberle2020Needham High School3:01.44 8
3Einat Gavish2018Newton North High School3:02.69 6
4Addie Marple2020Newton South High School3:04.01 5
5Vivian Mcmahon2021Brookline High School3:05.74 4
6Grace O'hara2018Andover High School3:05.77 2.5
6Meghan Garrett2019Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School3:05.77 2.5
8Katherine Knightly2019Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School3:05.95 1
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One Mile Run

1Lucy Jenks2020Newton South High School4:57.94 10
2Samantha Friborg2018Acton-Boxborough High School5:04.56 8
3Caroline Barry2018Newton South High School5:06.27 6
4Einat Gavish2018Newton North High School5:11.02 5
5Olivia Sheffield2018Lowell High School5:12.11 4
6Vivian Mcmahon2021Brookline High School5:14.46 3
7Nicole Clermont2018Franklin High School5:17.23 2
8Jamie Falla2018Wachusett Regional High School5:18.20 1
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Two Mile Run

1Caroline Barry2018Newton South High School11:10.72 10
2Phoebe Smith2020Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School11:30.05 8
3Einat Gavish2018Newton North High School11:35.24 6
4Jamie Falla2018Wachusett Regional High School11:41.17 5
5Maria Marques2018Lowell High School11:42.37 4
6Nicole Clermont2018Franklin High School11:47.47 3
7Maya Barrett-Tzannes2018Lexington High School11:48.18 2
8Grace Flanagan2021Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School11:48.93 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Jayla Kitchings2019Haverhill High School8.55 10
2Jamie Chamberlain2021Brookline High School8.56 8
3Natalie Marshall2018Newton North High School8.62 6
4Susan Takang2020Brockton High School8.68 5
5Victoria Gravel2020Taunton High School8.78 4
6Rosalinda Rosari2018Lawrence High School8.85 3
7Kyla Hill2019Springfield Central High School8.87 2
8Madison Witt2019Wachusett Regional High School8.90 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Andover High School1:45.34 10
2Wachusett Regional High School1:46.06 8
3Lowell High School1:46.96 6
4Framingham High School1:47.04 5
5Franklin High School1:47.26 4
6Newton North High School1:49.48 3
7Springfield Central High School1:50.26 2
8North Quincy High School1:51.17 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Andover High School4:03.01 10
2Wachusett Regional High School4:05.03 8
3Acton-Boxborough High School4:09.23 6
4Brookline High School4:09.34 5
5Needham High School4:09.67 4
6Newton North High School4:10.86 3
7Methuen High School4:11.27 2
8Lexington High School4:12.42 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Needham High School9:37.79 10
2Newton North High School9:41.36 8
3Andover High School9:52.48 6
4Lowell High School9:53.47 5
5Newton South High School9:55.26 4
6Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School9:56.25 3
7Wachusett Regional High School9:59.85 2
8Franklin High School10:07.78 1
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Long Jump

1Natalie Marshall2018Newton North High School17-8.5 10
2Victoria Gravel2020Taunton High School17-6.5 8
3Jamie Chamberlain2021Brookline High School17-5 6
4Jayla Kitchings2019Haverhill High School17-2 5
5Danielle Beerman2018Acton-Boxborough High School16-11.75 4
6Vivian Li2018Lexington High School16-10.5 3
7Sara James2018Wachusett Regional High School16-10 2
8Samantha Tichelaar2018Taunton High School16-9.25 1
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High Jump

1Jaki Harding2019Westford Academy5-4 9
1Sara James2018Wachusett Regional High School5-4 9
3Natalie Marshall2018Newton North High School5-3 5.5
3Paige Kacherian2018Westford Academy5-3 5.5
5Madison Witt2019Wachusett Regional High School5-0 3.5
5Tessa Bostwick2020Newton North High School5-0 3.5
7Daniella Pierre2019Franklin High School4-11 0.6
7Nicole Stevens2018Needham High School4-11 0.6
7Pamela Chiakpo2020Lexington High School4-11 0.6
7Rachel Caldwell-gl2020Lexington High School4-11 0.6
7Telma Takang2019Brockton High School4-11 0.6
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Shot Put

1Julieth Nwasu2019Brockton High School39-2 10
2Chrisondra Awomah2020Lexington High School36-6 8
3Sarah Moundele2020Lowell High School34-10.25 6
4Ann Nkole2019Lowell High School34-3.75 5
5Sara Goodermuth2018Franklin High School33-6 4
6Amanda Smith2018Newton South High School33-2.5 3
7Emily Toala2018Lawrence High School33-2.25 2
8Grace Chu2020Shrewsbury Senior High School32-10.5 1

Team Scores

1Wachusett Regional High School57.5
2Newton North High School56
3Andover High School48.5
4Newton South High School48
5Lowell High School39
6Franklin High School28.6
6Needham High School28.6
8Acton-Boxborough High School28
9Brookline High School27
10Springfield Central High School22
11Taunton High School17
12Westford Academy16.5
13Brockton High School15.6
14Lexington High School15.2
15Haverhill High School15
16Framingham High School13
17Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School8
18Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School7.5
19Methuen High School7
20Lawrence High School5
21Shrewsbury Senior High School3
22North Quincy High School1