Bay State Invitational Virtual Meet Projections: Several Nail-Biters Predicted This Weekend!!!

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Class A Boys - Bob Maguire Race (10 a.m.)

5,000 Meter Run

1Thomas Weiss2018Wellesley High School16:22.00 1
2Cervon Matthew0Wellesley High School16:25.00 2
3Colby Zarle2019Wellesley High School16:32.00 3
4Steven O'Driscoll2018Norwell High School16:37.89 --
5Marcus Lespasio2019Boston College High School16:42.00 4
6Jeffrey Chen2019Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School16:43.78 5
7Zach Barry2020Wellesley High School16:44.00 6
8John Riley2019Boston College High School16:45.00 7
9Isaac Steele2020Wachusett Regional High School16:53.00 8
10Nathnael Aschale2018Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School16:55.62 9
11Caleb Gartner2021Falmouth High School16:55.98 10
12Jason Norris2020Wellesley High School16:56.00 11
13Andrew Corbett2018Norwell High School16:56.57 --
14Anders Narita2019Wachusett Regional High School17:02.00 12
15Antonio Escallonalviar2019Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School17:05.41 13
16Duncan Brown2019Wellesley High School17:18.00 14
17Nate Myer2018Wachusett Regional High School17:19.00 15
18Lucas Chen2018Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School17:22.72 16
19Luke Cohen-abeles2019Wellesley High School17:26.00 17
20Andrew Oullette2019Wellesley High School17:27.92 --
21Vincent Chen2020Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School17:28.05 18
22Imanuel Fernandez0Brockton High School17:28.61 19
23Jordan Porter0Brockton High School17:29.67 20
24Bennett Macdougall2019Wellesley High School17:31.00 --
25Jameson O'neil2018Wellesley High School17:32.00 --
25Trevor Hu2018Boston College High School17:32.00 21
27William Cole-french2019Boston College High School17:33.00 22
28Jake Mcneill2018Boston College High School17:35.00 23
29Simon Eisl2020Wachusett Regional High School17:41.00 24
30Nick Fein2018Boston College High School17:43.00 25
31Jack Carlson2019Wellesley High School17:43.54 --
32Derek Pittorino2018Westborough High School17:45.00 26.5
32Stephen Recupero2018Boston College High School17:45.00 26.5
34Ronan Fitzgerald2020Somerville High School17:46.79 28
35Yixin Hu2020Boston College High School17:47.00 --
36Connor Gaudette2020Wachusett Regional High School17:49.00 29
37Josh Moran2020Wachusett Regional High School17:50.00 30
38Jacob Wagner2019Wellesley High School17:58.00 --
39Tim Brigham2021Wachusett Regional High School18:00.00 31
40Phillips Magre2018Somerville High School18:00.22 32
41Abubakar Gehelle2019Brockton High School18:01.17 33
42Austin Pineau0Wellesley High School18:04.00 --
43Bradley Forrest2018Westborough High School18:05.00 34
44Xolotl Alfon Cruz-de Jesus0Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School18:08.97 35
45Alex Bender2020Wachusett Regional High School18:09.00 --
46Charles Ward2019Wachusett Regional High School18:13.00 --
47Peter Casey-caplan2018Westborough High School18:14.00 36
48Ahmed Aden2018Brockton High School18:17.07 37
49Elias Boone2018Littleton High School18:18.85 --
50Sam Steen2018Wellesley High School18:20.00 --
51Masato Terajima2018Wachusett Regional High School18:24.00 --
52Nathaniel Kohnen2020Wellesley High School18:25.00 --
53Javier Donegan2019Brockton High School18:25.08 38
54David Nagle2018Boston College High School18:29.00 --
55Demario Brown2018Brockton High School18:34.43 39
56Michael Barbini2018Westborough High School18:36.00 40
57Patrick Murray2019Westborough High School18:38.00 41
58Jackson O'toole2020Wellesley High School18:41.00 --
58Rohan Rajesh2018Westborough High School18:41.00 42
60Brett Lebow2018Westborough High School18:44.00 43
61John King2021Wachusett Regional High School18:50.00 --
61Zachary Arneth2019Westborough High School18:50.00 --
63Jack Murray2018Boston College High School18:58.00 --
64John Gallagher2020Boston College High School19:01.00 --
65Corey Vandoren2019Westborough High School19:03.00 --
66Clayton Mcloren2020Brockton High School19:06.76 44
67Drew Curtin0Boston College High School19:08.00 --
68Alex Johnson2020Littleton High School19:09.88 --
69Daniel Antoine2019Westborough High School19:11.00 --
69Jack Rice2020Westborough High School19:11.00 --
71Samuel Hendrigan2018Brockton High School19:16.60 --
72Calvin Toran2018Falmouth High School19:18.01 45
73Pablo Diaz Ramos2018Westborough High School19:19.00 --
74Patrick Hodgson2018Falmouth High School19:19.21 46
75Jimmy Burton2019Wachusett Regional High School19:23.00 --
76Nicholas Lynch2020Brockton High School19:23.52 --
77Anthony Prosper0Brockton High School19:24.80 --
78Othniel Cotta- Nascimento2019Somerville High School19:26.24 47
79Justin Nichols2020Wachusett Regional High School19:30.00 --
80Jed Bell2018Boston College High School19:31.00 --
81Mitchell Shendarovich2019Westborough High School19:37.00 --
82Carl Marcellin2018Brockton High School19:37.50 --
83Jake Rausch2020Wachusett Regional High School19:39.00 --
84Simon Moreira2018Boston College High School19:42.00 --
85Anthony Lynch2018Brockton High School19:52.08 --
86Patrick Raftery0Somerville High School19:52.74 48
87Nicholas Duarte2020Brockton High School19:53.37 --
88John Matthew Brock0Brockton High School19:53.94 --
89Timothy Mosher Fr0Westborough High School19:55.00 --
90Virginio Monteiro0Brockton High School19:55.77 --
91Alex Ruppert2020Wachusett Regional High School19:57.00 --
92Lisandro Velazquez0Brockton High School19:58.09 --
93Jake Donahoe2020Boston College High School20:00.00 --
94Joe Willett2020Boston College High School20:06.00 --
94Owen Defao0Boston College High School20:06.00 --
96Daniel Hastings Fr0Westborough High School20:08.00 --
96Matt Defao0Boston College High School20:08.00 --
98Brady Polvere2020Brockton High School20:15.87 --
99Aj Mclucas Fr0Westborough High School20:20.00 --
100Paul Johnson2018Wachusett Regional High School20:27.00 --
101Ryan May2019Wachusett Regional High School20:31.00 --
102Brendan May2021Wachusett Regional High School20:37.00 --
103Maxwell Donaty Fr0Westborough High School20:38.00 --
104Jacob Scholl Fr0Westborough High School20:39.00 --
105Patrick Toole2019Wachusett Regional High School20:40.00 --
106Jeffery Zou2018Somerville High School20:40.47 49
107Jack Speroni2021Wachusett Regional High School20:47.00 --
108Caleb Reske So0Westborough High School20:49.00 --
109Mason Drummey2018Falmouth High School20:50.03 50
110Kyle Stiles-ryan0Boston College High School20:52.00 --
111Will Tuzik2020Boston College High School20:56.00 --
112Joshua Aronson2019Westborough High School21:01.00 --
112Luke O'donnell2020Boston College High School21:01.00 --
114Liam Holland2020Boston College High School21:02.00 --
115Hunte Hettingeri2020Boston College High School21:05.00 --
116Nilay Mclaren2020Westborough High School21:06.00 --
117Zane Otter2018Falmouth High School21:11.37 51
118Jordan Williams2019Brockton High School21:18.96 --
119Ben Mccoy0Brockton High School21:22.51 --
120Robert Mccarthy2019Somerville High School21:26.45 52
121Foxx Hart0Boston College High School21:30.00 --
122Troy Otter2018Falmouth High School21:32.61 53
123Jared Boyer2019Westborough High School21:36.00 --
123Kyle Strachan2018Westborough High School21:36.00 --
123Matthew Hannson Sr0Wachusett Regional High School21:36.00 --
123Peter Li So0Westborough High School21:36.00 --
127Jordan Hendricks2020Brockton High School21:40.17 --
128Johnston Pierre0Brockton High School21:41.53 --
129Kael Pelletier Fr0Westborough High School21:46.00 --
130Brian Mccrann0Boston College High School21:47.00 --
131Colin Bentley Fr0Westborough High School21:49.00 --
132Joe Lucas2020Brockton High School21:56.48 --
133Leo Pulizzi2020Boston College High School21:58.00 --
134Mario Jardel Centeio0Brockton High School22:04.32 --
135Joe Curran0Boston College High School22:06.00 --
136Boyuan Duan0Boston College High School22:14.00 --
137Caleb Gallant2019Brockton High School22:15.42 --
138Michael Mcavinn0Boston College High School22:21.00 --
139Corey Mastrocola2019Boston College High School22:22.00 --
140Francois Pierre2018Brockton High School22:24.96 --
141Carter Fleming2018Westborough High School22:28.00 --
142Ben Vindo Chicha2018Brockton High School22:40.30 --
143James Carr2018Brockton High School22:43.40 --
144Will Mcgurn0Boston College High School22:46.00 --
145Matthew Landadio2021Wachusett Regional High School22:48.00 --
146Joseph Bellofatto Fr0Westborough High School22:59.00 --
147Luke Taylor2020Wachusett Regional High School23:05.00 --
148Peter Howarth2018Westborough High School23:24.00 --
149Dattu Kalluri0Boston College High School23:33.00 --
149Kolby Scamurra2020Westborough High School23:33.00 --
151Dylan Tubbs0Brockton High School23:52.95 --
152Luke Capello Fr0Westborough High School24:12.00 --
153Anthony Bucci2021Wachusett Regional High School24:15.00 --
153James Duffin0Boston College High School24:15.00 --
155Joe Kester0Boston College High School24:21.00 --
156Ethan Chan Fr0Westborough High School24:25.00 --
157Ethan Lewis2020Wachusett Regional High School24:32.00 --
158Maxil Sasdi2019Westborough High School24:51.00 --
159Logan James Fr0Westborough High School24:52.00 --
160Ben Nagle0Boston College High School26:05.00 --
161Alexander Arneth Fr0Westborough High School26:35.00 --
162William Donurama0Brockton High School27:45.54 --
163Dolph Pierre0Brockton High School27:57.39 --

Team Scores

1Wellesley High School231+2+3+6+11 (14+17)34.0016:35.80
2Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School615+9+13+16+18 (35)44.2717:07.12
3Boston College High School774+7+21+22+23 (25+26.5)53.0017:13.40
4Wachusett Regional High School888+12+15+24+29 (30+31)56.0017:20.80
5Brockton High School14719+20+33+37+38 (39+44)56.4717:56.32
6Westborough High School177.526.5+34+36+40+41 (42+43)53.0018:15.60
7Falmouth High School20210+45+46+50+51 (53)4:15.3919:30.92
8Somerville High School20428+32+47+48+49 (52)2:53.6819:09.29
--Archbishop WilliamsNTS------
--Dracut High SchoolNTS------
--Mohawk Trail Regional High SchoolNTS------
--Newburyport High SchoolNTS------
--Nipmuc Regional High SchoolNTS------
--Sharon High SchoolNTS------
--Tewksbury Memorial High SchoolNTS------
--Littleton High SchoolNTS------
--Norwell High SchoolNTS------