How Does The Western Division Look So Far?

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Western Division 1 Boys

5,000 Meter Run

1Jack Yanko2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School15:37.99 1
2Izaien Lugo2018Holyoke High School15:57.00 2
3Gabriel Medina2019West Springfield High School16:11.00 3
4Benjamin Gordon Sniffen2019Northampton High School16:23.59 4
5Nick Peterson2018Northampton High School16:45.00 5
6Jack Merck2019West Springfield High School16:49.00 6
7Jonathan Dean2018Northampton High School16:57.00 7
8Timothy Jacques2020Northampton High School16:57.27 8
9Johan Cruz Hernandez2019Holyoke High School16:59.00 9
10Phillip Hempstead2018Northampton High School17:00.00 10
11Aidan Shea2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School17:03.98 11
12Foucault Etheridg2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School17:04.00 12.5
12Nathaniel Merck2018West Springfield High School17:04.00 12.5
14Aidan Shea2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School17:10.00 14
15Carlos Torres2019Holyoke High School17:15.00 15
16Bobby Innes-gold2018Northampton High School17:19.15 16
17Aiden Foucault Etheridge2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School17:23.57 17
18Simon Laclair2020Northampton High School17:30.24 18
19Joe Werenski2018South Hadley High School17:31.17 19
20Peter White2018Northampton High School17:32.20 --
21Ethan Dupont2018Holyoke High School17:33.00 20
22Michael Dean2018Northampton High School17:37.74 --
23Kaleb Cree2020Westfield High School17:42.00 21
24Justin Kennedy2020Holyoke High School17:48.00 22
25Tobias L'esperance2020Northampton High School17:49.97 --
26Sean Towse2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School17:49.99 23
27Jalen Olivero2019Holyoke High School17:50.00 24
28Dallas Comi2020West Springfield High School17:54.00 26
28Jason Beaver2019Agawam High School17:54.00 26
28Thomas Li2021Longmeadow High School17:54.00 26
31Christian Fuehr2020Minnechaug Regional High School17:57.00 28
32Matt O'brien2019South Hadley High School18:06.61 29
33Jack Shea2020Holyoke High School18:11.00 30
34Cal Neveu2019Longmeadow High School18:22.00 31.5
34Chris Foley2018Minnechaug Regional High School18:22.00 31.5
36Brian Dole2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:24.00 33
37Willem Goff2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:25.00 --
38Benjamin Raivel2019Northampton High School18:26.58 --
39Andrew Lamas2019West Springfield High School18:27.00 34.5
39Scott Dunbar2019Minnechaug Regional High School18:27.00 34.5
39Walter Tebbetts2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:27.00 --
42Benjamin Howe2020Northampton High School18:28.84 --
43Owen Price2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:31.00 --
44Zachariah Cree2018Westfield High School18:34.00 36
45Alex Martin2019Northampton High School18:35.00 --
46Alexander Puhalski2018Minnechaug Regional High School18:39.00 37
47Peter Treyz2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:40.00 --
48Gabe Randall2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:43.00 --
49Jesse Barker-plotkin2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:44.00 --
50Eli Maller2019Minnechaug Regional High School18:48.00 38
51Andrew Zhu2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:49.00 --
52Drew Kniska2018Longmeadow High School18:50.00 39
53Zane Drapeau2020Minnechaug Regional High School18:51.00 40
54Noah Andrew2018Northampton High School18:52.00 --
55Caleb Ireland2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:56.00 --
56Avi Randall2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School18:56.91 --
57Ben Gelb2018Northampton High School18:58.00 --
58Pat Morrison2018Holyoke High School18:59.00 --
59Max Olander2018Northampton High School19:00.00 --
60Abdiel Acevedo2019Holyoke High School19:01.00 --
61Willy Wright2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School19:04.00 --
62Brian Douglass2020Minnechaug Regional High School19:05.00 41
62Joseph Garcia2019Minnechaug Regional High School19:05.00 --
64Gabriel Diaz2019Holyoke High School19:09.00 --
65Nick Lauder2019South Hadley High School19:12.59 42
66Emile Bensidrine2019Northampton High School19:13.75 --
67James Cairn2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School19:13.83 --
68Conor Garvey2021West Springfield High School19:16.00 43.5
68Nick Cunningham2018Longmeadow High School19:16.00 43.5
70Theo Thompson2019Northampton High School19:17.00 --
71Josh Glick2018Longmeadow High School19:18.00 45
72Isak Lund2018Westfield High School19:19.00 46
73Henry Ferrari2019Northampton High School19:23.78 --
74Matthe Callahan2019Northampton High School19:29.00 --
75Casey Lacombe2018South Hadley High School19:33.70 47
76Owen Comeau2021Minnechaug Regional High School19:36.00 --
77Jacob Poirier2019South Hadley High School19:38.75 48
78Kermit Sotomayor2019Ludlow High School19:42.00 49
79Nicolas Stathatos2020Westfield High School19:43.00 50
80Cole Johnson2021Minnechaug Regional High School19:46.00 --
80Daniel Ducey2021Minnechaug Regional High School19:46.00 --
82Darren Peabody2019Ludlow High School19:48.00 51
83Joseph Ramirez2018Holyoke High School19:49.00 --
84Nicholas Gregoire2019Ludlow High School19:51.00 52
85Will Borrell2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School19:57.00 --
86Kohl Lunardini2018Westfield High School19:58.00 53
86Timothy Uhran2020Minnechaug Regional High School19:58.00 --
88Zachery Medeiros2018Westfield High School19:59.00 54
89Brian Beem2020Ludlow High School20:00.00 55
90Ivan Zubik2020West Springfield High School20:01.00 56.5
90Jeremy Landman2021Longmeadow High School20:01.00 56.5
92Sam Barresi2020Longmeadow High School20:03.00 58
93Michael Streeter2019Minnechaug Regional High School20:05.00 --
94Eben Savenson2020Northampton High School20:08.00 --
95Brodie Fazio2020Longmeadow High School20:09.00 --
95Jonath Lischetti2020Northampton High School20:09.00 --
97Karrington Dowe2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School20:11.00 --
98Steven Aubin2020West Springfield High School20:14.00 --
99Nicholas Liu2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School20:14.16 --
100Tj Acquista2018Longmeadow High School20:16.00 --
101Michael Baick2018Longmeadow High School20:19.00 --
101Sontin Allentuck2021Longmeadow High School20:19.00 --
103Aidan Pueschel2020Holyoke High School20:22.00 --
104Noah Johansson2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School20:25.00 --
105Alexander Koran2019Longmeadow High School20:27.00 --
106Ben Jacek2018Minnechaug Regional High School20:31.00 --
107Seamus Butcher2019Minnechaug Regional High School20:32.00 --
108Aver Cirincione-lynch2018Northampton High School20:38.00 --
109Benjamin Delacour2020Northampton High School20:40.00 --
110Tom Acquista2018Longmeadow High School20:41.00 --
111Wynton Jarvinen2020Longmeadow High School20:42.00 --
112Patrick Lamas2021West Springfield High School20:48.00 --
113Griffin Jones2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School20:50.00 --
114Rapha Morganelli2020Westfield High School20:51.00 59
115Eric Treyz2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School20:51.31 --
116Jacob Broyles2022South Hadley High School20:51.79 60
117Richard Son2018Holyoke High School20:54.00 --
118Garrett Paradis2018Minnechaug Regional High School20:56.00 --
119Chris Magauran2019Longmeadow High School20:58.00 --
119Matthew Rowbotham2019Westfield High School20:58.00 --
121Jacky Huang2018West Springfield High School21:01.00 --
122Benson Luddy-dunn2019Northampton High School21:02.00 --
122Damian Gilrein2020Minnechaug Regional High School21:02.00 --
124Michael Barrett2019Longmeadow High School21:05.00 --
125Cris Daley2018Westfield High School21:08.00 --
126Aidan Welch2021Westfield High School21:11.00 --
127Ethan Purrington2018Longmeadow High School21:12.00 --
128Bennet Mccreary2018Northampton High School21:15.92 --
129Josh Wilkinson2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School21:18.55 --
130Liam Lavelle2021Holyoke High School21:21.00 --
130Luca Harwood2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School21:21.00 --
132Cole Lavalle2019Northampton High School21:22.00 --
133Mitchell Brecht2021Longmeadow High School21:24.00 --
134Speros Perakis2018West Springfield High School21:26.00 --
135Owe Dzierzgowski2021Longmeadow High School21:30.00 --
136Adam Katz2018Longmeadow High School21:33.00 --
137John Collins2020Ludlow High School21:34.00 61
137Tucker Quinlan2019Northampton High School21:34.00 --
139Max Waslick2019Longmeadow High School21:35.00 --
140Josh Conway2019Agawam High School21:37.00 62
141Eric Yu2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School21:40.00 --
142Matthew Czepiel2019Holyoke High School21:41.00 --
143Dylan Rodriguez-shaw2019Longmeadow High School21:42.00 --
144Colin Russell2020Ludlow High School21:43.00 63
145Ethan Garstka2021West Springfield High School21:47.00 --
146Adam Wehner2020Ludlow High School21:49.00 64
147Henry Geffert2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School21:51.00 --
148Eric Klein2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School21:54.00 --
149Aj Desarro2020Longmeadow High School21:57.00 --
150Nate Cieplik2019Longmeadow High School21:58.00 --
151Brahadesh Sivakumar2019Longmeadow High School22:02.00 --
151Kieran Oliver2021Westfield High School22:02.00 --
153Jacob Revelo2020Northampton High School22:05.00 --
154Jamie Berrios2020Northampton High School22:09.00 --
154Will Most2019Longmeadow High School22:09.00 --
156Danny Moore2018Longmeadow High School22:11.00 --
157Ethan Saxenian2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School22:17.08 --
158Blaise Lavallee2020Longmeadow High School22:20.00 --
159Sam Jasmin2021Longmeadow High School22:22.00 --
160Alex Jones2019Longmeadow High School22:23.00 --
161Patri Casagrande2021Ludlow High School22:24.00 --
162Jamie Leuchs-curtis2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School22:25.00 --
162Will Quirk2019Longmeadow High School22:25.00 --
164Zach Steinberg2019Longmeadow High School22:26.00 --
165Baron-pinkowski2019Longmeadow High School22:28.00 --
166Michael Semanie2019Minnechaug Regional High School22:30.00 --
167Sameer Isa2018Longmeadow High School22:34.00 --
168Kai Latham2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School22:43.00 --
169Douglas Wagner2019Minnechaug Regional High School22:45.00 --
169Hector Rosado-burgos2021Holyoke High School22:45.00 --
169Nick Robinson2019Longmeadow High School22:45.00 --
172David Keroack2021Ludlow High School22:49.00 --
173Logan Paradis2020Minnechaug Regional High School22:52.00 --
174John Carmel2019Agawam High School22:57.00 65
175Christian Kopec2019Ludlow High School22:59.00 --
176Armen Asik2021Longmeadow High School23:01.00 --
176Keating Flaherty2018Longmeadow High School23:01.00 --
178Pierre-marie Venne2020Northampton High School23:03.00 --
179Caleb Staples2020Northampton High School23:04.00 --
180Chris Walsh2021Holyoke High School23:09.00 --
181James Knapik2018Westfield High School23:12.00 --
182Jack Donaghue2018East Longmeadow High School23:12.25 --
183Garrett Collis2018Westfield High School23:13.00 --
184Andrew Davignon2019Minnechaug Regional High School23:17.00 --
184Devlin Welch2018Westfield High School23:17.00 --
186Adam Dacruz2019Ludlow High School23:20.00 --
187Nicholas Kalesnik2019Ludlow High School23:22.00 --
188Adam Kasparek2019Agawam High School23:23.00 66
188Chris Avery2019Minnechaug Regional High School23:23.00 --
190Brian Fett2019Minnechaug Regional High School23:24.00 --
191Charlie Townsend2021Longmeadow High School23:25.00 --
191Frasier Vachon2018Minnechaug Regional High School23:25.00 --
193Andrew Paquette2020Minnechaug Regional High School23:26.00 --
193Colin Vasu2021Longmeadow High School23:26.00 --
195Edwin Diaz Moore2021Holyoke High School23:30.00 --
195Jacob Dias2021Ludlow High School23:30.00 --
195Jordan Cruz2021Holyoke High School23:30.00 --
198Mark Legarda2021West Springfield High School23:33.00 --
199Joshua Brennan2020Minnechaug Regional High School23:35.00 --
199Owen Mcgeer2020Longmeadow High School23:35.00 --
201Ian Montgomery-gehrt2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School23:41.93 --
202Jackson Hinkel2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School23:45.00 --
202Jimmy Grinstead2019Longmeadow High School23:45.00 --
204Claud Giavalisco2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School23:49.00 --
205Nick Charest2019Agawam High School23:53.00 67
206Julian Clark2021Northampton High School23:57.00 --
207Brandels Norgren2019Longmeadow High School23:59.00 --
208Matthew Thayer2021Westfield High School24:03.00 --
209Andrew Dion2021Westfield High School24:07.00 --
209Sabino Bilotti2021Minnechaug Regional High School24:07.00 --
211Sebastian Abend2020Northampton High School24:12.00 --
212Jake Rosen2021Northampton High School24:16.00 --
213Jacob Acevedo2021West Springfield High School24:18.00 --
214Jarrett Ruggiero2019Minnechaug Regional High School24:20.00 --
215Justin Dias2019Ludlow High School24:22.00 --
216Benjamin Mackay2018Minnechaug Regional High School24:23.00 --
217A Maksoud-abdel2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School24:25.00 --
218Isaiah Mestre2021West Springfield High School24:27.00 --
219Harry Li2019Longmeadow High School24:28.00 --
220Billy Raffaele2019Minnechaug Regional High School24:39.00 --
221Ethan Wilkinson2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School24:43.13 --
222Ben Heath2018West Springfield High School24:48.00 --
223Felix Gutierrez2021Holyoke High School25:00.00 --
223Mason Glennon2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School25:00.00 --
225Nathan Ritchie2021Westfield High School25:05.00 --
226Zachary Fernandez2018Minnechaug Regional High School25:06.00 --
227Julian Cartagena2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School25:07.00 --
228Merrick Stromgren2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School25:08.00 --
229Eric Bone2018Westfield High School25:24.00 --
230Alex Seymour2021West Springfield High School25:25.00 --
231Doug Eveleigh2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School25:29.00 --
232Nor Young2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School25:34.00 --
233Johnny Jaworski2020Ludlow High School25:35.00 --
234Cooper Joyal2020Longmeadow High School25:36.00 --
235Andrew Esteves2020Minnechaug Regional High School25:54.00 --
236Ernnie Cancio-bello2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School25:55.06 --
237Josh Peck2019Longmeadow High School26:22.00 --
238Brian Walker2021Minnechaug Regional High School26:24.00 --
238Cole Norman2018Longmeadow High School26:24.00 --
240Ryan Moylan2020Ludlow High School26:25.00 --
241Faizan Hassan2019Amherst-Pelham Regional High School26:32.41 --
242Maximo Heuck2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School26:52.72 --
243Tyler Tranghese2021Minnechaug Regional High School26:55.00 --
244Van Brubach2020Minnechaug Regional High School27:19.00 --
245Jachson Diltz2018Westfield High School27:26.00 --
246Willia Hennessey2021Westfield High School27:28.00 --
247Tyler Walsh2020Minnechaug Regional High School27:40.00 --
248Teddy Woods2018Agawam High School27:41.00 68
249Griffin O'connor2018Longmeadow High School27:50.00 --
250Adam Rossmeisl2021West Springfield High School27:54.00 --
250Kevin King2020Longmeadow High School27:54.00 --
252Nathan Pen2018Longmeadow High School28:09.00 --
253Derek Sherwood2020Amherst-Pelham Regional High School28:12.10 --
254Eric Miller2018Longmeadow High School28:51.00 --
255Zach Dion2018Agawam High School28:54.00 69
256Owen Siege2021Amherst-Pelham Regional High School28:58.00 --
257Nicholas Diaz2020Westfield High School29:20.00 --
258Eddie Desarro2021Longmeadow High School29:23.00 --
258Jonatha Maginnis2021Northampton High School29:23.00 --
260W Sriseensirikul2018Westfield High School30:15.00 --
261Joshua Hurst2021Ludlow High School30:52.00 --
262Aidan Collins2020Ludlow High School32:25.00 --

Team Scores

1Northampton High School344+5+7+8+10 (16+18)36.4116:48.57
2Amherst-Pelham Regional High School55.51+11+12.5+14+17 (23+33)1:45.5816:51.91
3Holyoke High School682+9+15+20+22 (24+30)1:51.0017:06.40
4West Springfield High School823+6+12.5+26+34.5 (43.5+56.5)2:16.0017:17.00
5Minnechaug Regional High School16928+31.5+34.5+37+38 (40+41)51.0018:26.60
6Longmeadow High School18526+31.5+39+43.5+45 (56.5+58)1:24.0018:44.00
7South Hadley High School18519+29+42+47+48 (60)2:07.5818:48.56
8Westfield High School20621+36+46+50+53 (54+59)2:16.0019:03.20
9Ludlow High School26849+51+52+55+61 (63+64)1:52.0020:11.00
10Agawam High School28626+62+65+66+67 (68+69)5:59.0021:56.80
--East Longmeadow High SchoolNTS------
--Belchertown High SchoolNTS------
--Chicopee ComprehensiveNTS------
--Chicopee High SchoolNTS------
--High School of CommerceNTS------
--Mahar Regional High SchoolNTS------
--Pittsfield High SchoolNTS------
--Springfield Central High SchoolNTS------
--Springfield High School of Science and TechnologyNTS------
--Taconic High SchoolNTS------
--Wahconah Regional High SchoolNTS------