Virtual Girls' MIAA Central Division 2 Projection

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Who are the individuals and teams to look for this cross-country season? In our Virtual Meet, we'll comprise a mock team score based on top returnees.  Take a glance at our results in the next two pages. For a look at all our X-C preview coverage, click here.

5,000 Meter Run

1Sophia Masciarell2018Holy Name High School18:58.70 1
2Phoebe Von Conta2018Parker Charter Essential School18:59.47 2
3Isabelle Doran2019Hopedale High School19:13.20 3
4Tessa Mcclain2020Bromfield School19:13.96 4
5Alexis White2018Sutton High School19:25.25 5
6Sophie Campbell2019Tyngsborough High School19:43.21 6
7Megan Scott2019Adv. Math and Science Academy19:45.99 7
8Riley Korhonen2018Parker Charter Essential School19:52.99 8
9Lora Dufrense2019Sutton High School20:05.33 9
10Sarah Maple2019Saint Peter Marian High School20:07.54 10
11Lindsey Panneton2020Tyngsborough High School20:12.70 11
12Grace Dowrey2020Blackstone Millville Regional High School20:13.70 --
13Sarah Johnston2021Uxbridge High School20:27.76 12
14Keely Mungeam2020Douglas High School20:35.00 13
15Carrie Maurais2018Hopedale High School20:37.15 14
16Mollie Flanagan2021Tyngsborough High School20:44.57 15
17Hayley Sheriff2019Ayer-Shirley High School20:47.17 16
18Emma Mchutcheon2018Parker Charter Essential School20:51.18 17
19Kate Scott2019Adv. Math and Science Academy20:56.74 18
20Hannah Jones2019Uxbridge High School21:00.25 19
21Bridget Redgate2019Uxbridge High School21:13.38 20
22Taryn Fraser-mines2019Tyngsborough High School21:15.52 21
23Katelynn J Brunt2021Hopedale High School21:26.00 22
24Meaghan Mitchell2018Parker Charter Essential School21:32.29 23
25Josie Parillo2021Narragansett Regional High School21:36.93 24
26Sophie Wanzer2019Parker Charter Essential School21:38.32 25
27Sophie Odell2021Parker Charter Essential School21:42.00 26
28Jessika Antinori2018Lunenburg High School21:44.00 --
29Madison Gannon2021Hopedale High School21:54.00 27
30Hannah Black2018Adv. Math and Science Academy21:54.61 28
31Mikenna Manz2021Uxbridge High School21:56.79 29
32Emily Packard2018Sutton High School21:57.50 30
33Hadley Koeman2020Whitinsville Christian21:58.60 --
34Christie Cavalcanti2019Adv. Math and Science Academy22:03.01 31
35Sarah Busha2019Sutton High School22:06.90 32
36Mackenzie Marshall2020Ayer-Shirley High School22:13.35 33
37Emily Landini2021Uxbridge High School22:18.02 34
38Lilly Digman2022Murdock High School22:21.00 35
39Hannah Beckman2021Bromfield School22:24.00 36.5
39Tegan Young2022Parker Charter Essential School22:24.00 36.5
41Alexand Nowicki2019Uxbridge High School22:25.53 38
42Emily Russell2020Ayer-Shirley High School22:28.00 39
43Lucy Mccabe2021Adv. Math and Science Academy22:28.67 40
44Jenna Parent2020Tyngsborough High School22:34.10 41
45Meg Rzucidlo2019Sutton High School22:34.80 42
46Heather Fontaine2018Quaboag Regional High School22:36.00 43
47Phoebe Carrona2021Bromfield School22:37.00 44
48Kayla Whitcomb2018Quabbin Regional High School22:42.00 45
48Molly O'mera2018Blackstone Valley High School22:42.00 --
50Isabella Vera2019Adv. Math and Science Academy22:42.35 46
51Thalia Cohen2020Parker Charter Essential School22:44.42 --
52Michaela Casey2018Hopedale High School22:46.75 47
53Kylie Lafreniere2018Narragansett Regional High School22:47.09 48
54Cote Hailey2018Hopedale High School22:51.04 49
55Julie Vincent2021Tyngsborough High School22:52.00 50
56Jessie Burke2018Sutton High School22:52.72 51
57Carly Smith2018Tahanto Regional High School22:54.00 52
58Sophia Nosek2019Tahanto Regional High School22:55.00 53
59Emily Weagle2018Blackstone Valley High School22:58.00 --
60Allie Benedict2020Douglas High School22:59.80 54
61Lexi Nowicki2019Uxbridge High School23:01.30 55
62Asha Ramachandran2019Adv. Math and Science Academy23:02.78 56
63Sara Aremburg2018Quabbin Regional High School23:08.00 57
64Anabelle Nelson2020Millbury High School23:09.00 58
65Taniel Hood2020Narragansett Regional High School23:16.91 59
66Lauren Williams2022Adv. Math and Science Academy23:20.00 --
67Erin Mccarthy2018Hopedale High School23:20.30 60
68Annie Hayes2020Douglas High School23:21.00 61
69Suzanne Martiska2019Tahanto Regional High School23:27.00 62
70Allison Pogorek2020Millbury High School23:31.00 63.5
70Jena Taubert2020Millbury High School23:31.00 63.5
72Madeline Steigman2020Parker Charter Essential School23:31.60 --
73Elise Pond2018Sutton High School23:46.45 65
74Vanessa Rios2020Whitinsville Christian23:47.51 --
75Jordan Geyster2018Narragansett Regional High School24:05.06 66
76Hannah Demanche2020Murdock High School24:09.00 67
77Alexia Allard2021Murdock High School24:14.00 68
78Rebecca Goyette2021Millbury High School24:16.00 69
79Jen Coseno2020Sutton High School24:19.50 --
80Laila Dewitt2022Ayer-Shirley High School24:21.00 70
81Helena Justicz2021Bromfield School24:22.00 71
81Lindsey Card2018Oxford High School24:22.00 --
83Jenny Smith2019Narragansett Regional High School24:23.45 72
84Maureen Flanagan2020Tahanto Regional High School24:25.00 73
85Jordan Gulino2019Uxbridge High School24:25.77 --
86Sage Mcfarland2019Bromfield School24:26.94 74
87Caroline Stein2018Hopedale High School24:28.04 --
88Emmelin Riendeau2020Quabbin Regional High School24:30.00 75
89Emilie Sullivan2019Tahanto Regional High School24:33.00 76
90Sage Scorse2019Lunenburg High School24:37.00 --
91Olivia Picotte2019Uxbridge High School24:42.37 --
92Michelle Roche2019Parker Charter Essential School24:44.62 --
93Emma Ream2018Montachusett RVT High School24:49.00 77
94Thara Abdallah2022Abby Kelley Foster Regional Charter School24:56.00 --
95Nicole Patano2018Ayer-Shirley High School25:03.76 78
96Radaicy Cespedes2021University Park Campus School25:05.00 --
97Cedu Benoit-smith2020Quabbin Regional High School25:10.00 79
98Liv Amorati2019Saint Peter Marian High School25:11.00 80.5
98Rowan Luff2019Millbury High School25:11.00 80.5
100Michelle Riley2019Holy Name High School25:12.00 82
101Allessandra Cullen2018Montachusett RVT High School25:14.00 83.5
101Emma Taubert2019Millbury High School25:14.00 83.5
103Brooke Venkitachalam2020Ayer-Shirley High School25:18.50 85
104Anna See2019Quabbin Regional High School25:23.00 86
105Emma Kennedy2019Holy Name High School25:24.00 87
106Hannah Baum2021Tahanto Regional High School25:27.00 88
107Brooke Zabik2023Murdock High School25:30.00 89
108Kriti Singh2019Adv. Math and Science Academy25:30.18 --
109Nivita Chaliki2018Parker Charter Essential School25:30.91 --
110Grace Schwartz2020Abby Kelley Foster Regional Charter School25:31.00 --
111Vivian Poplawski2021Bartlett High School25:32.00 --
112Maple Lauren2021Saint Peter Marian High School25:34.00 90
113Jaylene Ojeda2018Holy Name High School25:36.00 91
114Kandice Belcourt2019Adv. Math and Science Academy25:39.92 --
115Abby Carroll2019Holy Name High School25:42.00 92
116Briahna Bouchard2021Murdock High School25:43.00 93
117Jackie Desrosiers2021Quaboag Regional High School25:49.00 94
118Mariela Miron2021University Park Campus School25:53.00 --
119Shelly Roche2019Parker Charter Essential School25:56.25 --
120Emily Greenslit2018Holy Name High School26:04.00 95
121Marlene Morales2021University Park Campus School26:10.00 --
122Lilly Bolandrina2020Douglas High School26:16.00 96
123Briae Hughes2020Keefe Tech High School26:21.00 --
124Grace Martinek2018Holy Name High School26:23.00 97
125Emma Daigle2018North Central Charter Essent. School26:24.00 98
126Sarah Hammerstone2020Tyngsborough High School26:24.80 99
127Erika Gambill2019North Central Charter Essent. School26:29.00 100
128Caitlyn Mckay2019Ayer-Shirley High School26:32.70 101
129Charlotte Hobby2019Montachusett RVT High School26:36.00 102.5
129Chloe Caisse2022Narragansett Regional High School26:36.00 102.5
131Julia Antocci2020Bay Path Regional Vocational Tech High School26:39.00 --
132Erica Regan2019Montachusett RVT High School26:47.00 104
133Emily Moran2021Tyngsborough High School26:53.90 --
134Courtney Brouillet2019Montachusett RVT High School27:00.00 105
135Emy Hinde2021Tyngsborough High School27:05.10 --
136Jess Kupstas2022Quaboag Regional High School27:15.00 106
137Allie Terhune2020Ayer-Shirley High School27:19.00 --
138Jocelyn Gramit2018Clinton High School27:24.00 --
139Alexis Westmoreland2022Bartlett High School27:36.00 --
140Liv Kiristy2018Saint Peter Marian High School27:37.00 107.5
140Mackenzie Curtis2019Bromfield School27:37.00 107.5
142Mcgovern Rosie2018Saint Peter Marian High School27:38.00 109
143Emma Pendergast2018Tahanto Regional High School27:39.00 110
144Kathy Martinez2021University Park Campus School27:43.00 --
145Brooke Shea2019Quaboag Regional High School27:44.00 111
146Molly Irish2019Clinton High School27:49.00 --
147Julia Foley2018Bromfield School27:50.00 112.5
147Yessenia Gamez2018Nashoba Valley Tech High School27:50.00 112.5
149Heena Kraemer2020Abby Kelley Foster Regional Charter School27:51.00 --
150Riley Plamondon2020Parker Charter Essential School28:05.00 --
151Serina Marquette2020Bay Path Regional Vocational Tech High School28:08.00 --
152Jami Laplante2022North Central Charter Essent. School28:13.00 114.5
152Rachel Lagault2021Murdock High School28:13.00 114.5
154Brooke Baker2019Nashoba Valley Tech High School28:14.00 116
155Kylee Julian2021Quaboag Regional High School28:17.00 117
156Sarah Perciful2020Gardner High School28:31.00 --
157Katie Kilcommins2022Ayer-Shirley High School28:33.00 --
158Mia Stanton2021Lunenburg High School28:39.00 --
159Emily Roberts2018Murdock High School28:56.00 118
160Katelyn Gillespie2018Bay Path Regional Vocational Tech High School29:06.00 --
161Jenna Thompson2018Nashoba Valley Tech High School29:16.00 119
162Molly Mcginn2019Clinton High School29:35.00 --
163Olivia Wright2019Clinton High School29:38.00 --
164Samantha Hobby2019Montachusett RVT High School29:40.00 120
165Madison Repoza2018Nashoba Valley Tech High School30:01.00 121
166Kd Piecewicz2018Nashoba Valley Tech High School30:05.00 122
167Aiyi Wang2022Bromfield School30:07.00 --
168Giordana Sena2019Saint Peter Marian High School30:16.00 123
169Christin Walcek2020Douglas High School30:16.90 124
170Leah Duperon2018Hopedale High School30:40.30 --
171Thidarasamee Dean2018Tahanto Regional High School30:44.00 --
172Paige Demanche2020Murdock High School31:20.00 --
173Megan Barto2021North Central Charter Essent. School31:33.00 125
174Monique Merillat2020Gardner High School31:38.00 --
175Sarah Fritz2018Montachusett RVT High School32:11.00 126
176Marian Jamieson2019Narragansett Regional High School32:17.00 127
177Lauren D'amico2020Douglas High School32:57.60 128
178Catherine Wennerstrom2021Tyngsborough High School33:22.60 --
179Kaitlyn Balvin2022Tahanto Regional High School34:05.00 --
180Stacey Wood2023Murdock High School34:53.00 --
181Abby Martel2020Abby Kelley Foster Regional Charter School35:04.00 --
182Makayla Tompkins2020Blackstone Millville Regional High School35:49.90 --
183Emily Fluet2019Gardner High School36:13.00 --
184Sophie Consiglio2018Tahanto Regional High School36:16.00 --
185Libbie Susman2021North Central Charter Essent. School37:32.00 129
186Gabriella Houle2022North Central Charter Essent. School39:12.00 130
187Camille Hart2023Murdock High School40:59.00 --
188Lilly Skawinsk2023Murdock High School41:00.00 --
189Angelina Dellasanta2023Murdock High School46:28.00 --