Virtual Girls Central/Western Division 1 Projection

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Who are the division-leaders this spring? Judging by this Virtual Meet, which took the top returnees from last year, Wachusett Regional will be tough to beat. How do the rest of the individuals and teams rank? Check it out here!

Individual Placements

100 Meter Dash

1Taylor Shubrick2017Longmeadow High School12.86 10
2Bridget Monaghan2018Algonquin Regional High School13.19 8
3Macayla Glenn2018Minnechaug Regional High School13.25 6
4Victori Steffon2018Wachusett Regional High School13.29 5
5Cassandra Arsenault2018Marlborough High School13.37 3.5
5Jessic Weissman2017West Springfield High School13.37 3.5
7Natalie Armstrong2018West Springfield High School13.38 2
8Lexie Ferraro2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School13.41 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Victori Steffon2018Wachusett Regional High School26.24 10
2Grace Pettengill2018Minnechaug Regional High School26.87 8
3Erin Mcnemar2017Nashoba Regional High School27.41 6
4Olivia Dunsmoor2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School27.44 5
5Adja Sackor2017Worcester Technical High School27.54 4
6Cassandra Arsenault2018Marlborough High School27.61 3
7Ashlyn Maclure2018Nashoba Regional High School27.71 2
8Natalie Armstrong2018West Springfield High School27.73 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Grace Pettengill2018Minnechaug Regional High School58.41 10
2Damahya Phipps2018Springfield Central High School1:00.43 8
3Erin Giugno2017Marlborough High School1:01.11 6
4Moira Mcdonald2018Westfield High School1:01.48 5
5Hannah Neilon2018Fitchburg High School1:01.80 4
6Zoe Chang2017Algonquin Regional High School1:02.01 3
7Olivia Dunsmoor2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School1:03.32 2
8Samantha Mclaughlin2018Hudson High School1:03.97 1
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800 Meter Run

1Erin Giugno2017Marlborough High School2:22.09 10
2Olivia Natale2017Westborough High School2:25.05 8
3Emma Saart2017Wachusett Regional High School2:26.83 6
4Rachael Farley2017Wachusett Regional High School2:28.38 5
5Mairead Blatner2017Northampton High School2:31.07 4
6Julia Carrier2017Shepherd Hill Regional High School2:32.38 3
7Lauren Munster2017Northampton High School2:32.91 2
8Emma Gerchberg2017Longmeadow High School2:33.65 1
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One Mile Run

1Mairead Blatner2017Northampton High School5:29.85 10
2Rachael Farley2017Wachusett Regional High School5:30.30 8
3Emma Yount2018Northampton High School5:33.42 6
4Julia Carrier2017Shepherd Hill Regional High School5:41.26 5
5Emily Willson2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School5:41.28 4
6Kathryn Trainor2017Wachusett Regional High School5:41.98 3
7Maddie Illingsworth2017Northampton High School5:45.05 2
8Katelyn Li2017Algonquin Regional High School5:45.75 1
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Two Mile Run

1Emily Willson2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School11:30.21 10
2Jamie Falla2018Wachusett Regional High School11:52.02 8
3Nora Hennessy2017Wachusett Regional High School12:08.98 6
4Maddie Illingsworth2017Northampton High School12:12.72 5
5Jill Laliberte2017Minnechaug Regional High School12:19.64 4
6Heather Leckey2018Minnechaug Regional High School12:22.48 3
7Kathryn Trainor2017Wachusett Regional High School12:27.81 2
8Emma Yount2018Northampton High School12:28.51 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Christina Thebado2017Algonquin Regional High School16.09 10
2Sydney Lang2017Wachusett Regional High School16.67 8
3Lu Juan Jackson2017Springfield Central High School16.77 6
4Sara James2018Wachusett Regional High School16.79 5
5Kira Mckinley2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School17.18 4
6Paige Hardy2017Agawam High School17.44 3
7Hanna Chapdelaine2017Chicopee Comprehensive17.53 2
8Carina Facchini2018Chicopee Comprehensive17.59 1
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400 Meter Hurdles

1Riemke Bouvier2017Longmeadow High School1:09.74 10
2Ashley Masse2018Nashoba Regional High School1:10.41 8
3Ashley Corcoran2018East Longmeadow High School1:11.14 6
4Emma Saart2017Wachusett Regional High School1:13.59 5
5Christina Thebado2017Algonquin Regional High School1:13.60 4
6Claire Basler-chang2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School1:14.28 3
7Erica Lazarek2017Shrewsbury Senior High School1:14.38 2
8Erin Scanlon2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School1:14.41 1
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Long Jump

1Adja Sackor2017Worcester Technical High School18-8 10
2Madison Coleman2018Springfield Central High School16-9 8
3Marissa Shaw2017Belchertown High School16-8 6
4Sidil Pereira Daveiga2017Amherst-Pelham Regional High School16-6.5 5
5Mae Kovacs2017Groton Dunstable Regional High School16-0 4
6Bridget Monaghan2018Algonquin Regional High School15-6.5 3
7Gretchen Saveson2017Northampton High School15-2 2
8Olivia Dunsmoor2018Groton Dunstable Regional High School15-0 1
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High Jump

1Carol Hitchcock2017Agawam High School5-6 10
2Sara James2018Wachusett Regional High School5-4.75 8
3Erin Mcnemar2017Nashoba Regional High School5-0 5.5
3Tory Stoddard2017Shepherd Hill Regional High School5-0 5.5
5Emma Rasmussen2017Groton Dunstable Regional High School4-10 3.5
5Sydney Lang2017Wachusett Regional High School4-10 3.5
7Abby O'brien-weiss2017Algonquin Regional High School4-8 0.375
7Ashley Corcoran2018East Longmeadow High School4-8 0.375
7Katie Everton2017Nashoba Regional High School4-8 0.375
7Lea Markham2017Nashoba Regional High School4-8 0.375
7Margaret Shoemaker2018Algonquin Regional High School4-8 0.375
7Mikayla Norton2018Shepherd Hill Regional High School4-8 0.375
7Sca Sands Bliss2017Northampton High School4-8 0.375
7Taylor Shubrick2017Longmeadow High School4-8 0.375
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Triple Jump

1Adja Sackor2017Worcester Technical High School37-7.5 10
2Damahya Phipps2018Springfield Central High School35-10.25 8
3Bernice Mensah2017Worcester Technical High School34-8 6
4Carol Hitchcock2017Agawam High School34-2.25 5
5Tory Stoddard2017Shepherd Hill Regional High School32-11 4
6Raheema Reid2017Springfield High School of Science and Technology32-8.5 3
7Stevanna Bowhile2018Worcester Technical High School32-4.5 2
8Stephanie Perkins2018Longmeadow High School32-4 1
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Pole Vault

1Claudia Caputo2017Hudson High School9-3 9
1Meredith Goad2018Nashoba Regional High School9-3 9
3Mary Henshaw2017Longmeadow High School8-0 5.5
3Megan Socha2017Chicopee High School8-0 5.5
5Chloe Smith2017Westborough High School7-6 3.5
5Hanna Chapdelaine2017Chicopee Comprehensive7-6 3.5
7Kate Anderson2018Nashoba Regional High School7-0 0.75
7Maura Mulligan2018Algonquin Regional High School7-0 0.75
7Sydney Lang2017Wachusett Regional High School7-0 0.75
7Thaya Zalewski2017Hudson High School7-0 0.75
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1Sara James2018Wachusett Regional High School115-0 10
2Stephanie Beaulieu2017Chicopee Comprehensive99-2 8
3Ananda Parks2017Fitchburg High School96-8 6
4Claire Basler-chang2018Amherst-Pelham Regional High School95-8 5
5Kayla Mokwuah2018Longmeadow High School94-5 4
6Grace Alzamora2018Wachusett Regional High School93-5 3
7Rosa Daeipour2018Algonquin Regional High School92-9 2
8Abbie Mokwuah2017Longmeadow High School90-4 1
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1Jeyri Hernandez2017Springfield Central High School98-11 10
2Sylvia Thomas2017Groton Dunstable Regional High School90-9 8
3Nadia Doherty2017Hudson High School78-11 6
4Hannah Mcgovern2017Groton Dunstable Regional High School77-2 5
5Abby Garvey2018East Longmeadow High School75-10 4
6Lauren Fowler2017Fitchburg High School73-10 3
7Gabi Alonzi2017Marlborough High School67-2 2
8Klea Richardson2017Shepherd Hill Regional High School66-5 1
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Shot Put

1Emma Trudeau2018Wachusett Regional High School35-5 10
2Jordyn Shubrick2018Longmeadow High School34-9 8
3Abbie Mokwuah2017Longmeadow High School33-10.5 6
4Stevanna Bowhile2018Worcester Technical High School31-8.25 5
5D'vine Davis2017Springfield Central High School31-4 4
6Kayla Mokwuah2018Longmeadow High School31-0 3
7Julia Cirillo2018Chicopee High School28-6.25 2
8Jeyri Hernandez2017Springfield Central High School27-11.25 1
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