South Shore Twilight Schedule, Performance Lists


Order of Events

3:00 PM Field Events (8 to the Final)
High Jump (Two HJ areas, boys at scoreboard end of complex)
* All Four Pits will be active. Boys LJ & TJ will take place along the fence. Girls
will be closer to the Pole Vault. We will have the next flight warming up
immediately on the next runway.
Long Jump (B-G)
Triple Jump (G-B)
Pole Vault - (If we have enough request for PV by May 10th. We will add it to the
* Throwing Events will have minimum throw lines. All 1st Legal throws will
be measured.
Shot Put ( B-G)
Discus (G-B)
Javelin (G-B)
3:00 PM Running Events - (Girls Before Boys)
Freshman Mile
Unseeded Mile Sections
2 Mile Run
400 Meter Hurdle Finals
200 Meter Dash Trials
One Mile Run- Seeded Section
100 Meter Hurdles (G) Trials
110 Meter Hurdles (B) Trials
100 Meter Freshman Dash Trials
100 Meter Dash Trials
400 Meter Run Freshman
400 Meter Run Finals
200 Meter Dash Finals
800 Meter Run
110 Meter Hurdle Finals
100 Meter Hurdle Finals
100 Meter Freshman Finals
100 Meter Dash Finals
3200 Meter Relay
400 Meter Relay
1600 Meter Relay

Boys Performance List                     Girls Performance List