Renwick Strikes Gold At Loucks Games

Old Rochester's Danny Renwick went home with the top prize at Saturday's 50th annual Glenn B. Loucks Games, held in White Plains, N.Y. Renwick earned his gold by tying a personal best in the high jump with a leap of 6 feet, 10 inches.

That height ranks him the talented senior among the top 30 nationally and is the top height in the state by more than seven inches!

Check out below more results from our Bay Staters at this weekend's meet!

Girls (34)
100mp 8 38th14.03Madeline ScheubOld Rochester Regional High School
100mp 6 40th14.12Hannah LafreniereOld Rochester Regional High School
100mp 7 41st14.18Caroline WalshOld Rochester Regional High School
100mp 3 48th14.44Maya DoonanOld Rochester Regional High School
100mp 5 50th14.54Irlanda AntunesGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
100mp 4 52nd14.78Amira YahyaGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
200mp 8 11th26.00Rachelle ParkerNatick High School
200mp 2 48th28.29Angela VandenboomFoxboro High School
200mp 6 54th28.61Irlanda AntunesGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
800mF 4 3rd2:09.91Clare MartinNewton South High School
800mF 1 10th2:50.25Elizabeth DavisFoxboro High School
800mF 3 22nd2:18.86Kelsey WalakNatick High School
MileF 3 6th5:00.72Grace ConnollyNatick High School
100HF 1 6th17.29Rachel DemmerOld Rochester Regional High School
100HF 2 10th17.89Elizabeth DavisFoxboro High School
100Hp 3 8th17.08Rachel DemmerOld Rochester Regional High School
100Hp 3 10th17.77Malaysia CabralFoxboro High School
100Hp 1 11th17.85Maxine KellumOld Rochester Regional High School
100Hp 4 21st18.90Brooke SantosOld Rochester Regional High School
400HF 2 7th1:10.83Caroline MurphyOld Rochester Regional High School
4x400mF 3 8th4:21.81Foxboro High School
4x400mF 2 11th4:11.94Old Rochester Regional High School
4x800mF 2 1st10:06.48Old Rochester Regional High School
DMRF 1 19th13:52.38Foxboro High School
HJF 1 11th4-6.75Elizabeth DavisFoxboro High School
LJF 1 12th13-9.75Elizabeth DavisFoxboro High School
LJF 1 22nd16-1Shraeya SrinivasanFoxboro High School
DF 1 2nd114-6Kassidy GallagherNatick High School
DF 1 20th67-7Kelsey HolickOld Rochester Regional High School
JF 1 2nd107-10Kassidy GallagherNatick High School
JF 1 6th85-0Alexandra NicolosiOld Rochester Regional High School
SF 1 10th21-5.5Elizabeth DavisFoxboro High School
SF 1 22nd29-4.5Abbie HurleyGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
PentF 1 9th35:26.00Elizabeth DavisFoxboro High School
Boys (72)
100mp 3 9th11.63Richmond KwaatengLowell High School
100mp 4 11th11.66Dejury AmadoGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
100mp 3 31st12.13Will GarciaOld Rochester Regional High School
100mp 2 34th12.24Matt BrogioliOld Rochester Regional High School
100mp 6 41st12.75Nick ElkalassiOld Rochester Regional High School
100mp 7 45th13.05Michael MorrisOld Rochester Regional High School
200mp 4 27th23.07Dejury AmadoGreater New Bedford Regional Voc Tech High School
200mp 7 41st23.43Michael AkonLowell High School
200mp 9 42nd23.47Richmond KwaatengLowell High School
200mp 3 48th23.56A.j. ByardLowell High School
200mp 3 71st24.23Anthony DoungLowell High School
400mF 8 2nd48.76Rodney Agyare-mayBurncoat High School
400mF 5 18th51.73A.j. ByardLowell High School
400mF 4 32nd53.07Andrew CoutuSt. John's Prep
400mF 3 37th53.52Michael AkonLowell High School
800mF 3 10th1:56.99Shawn CarlsonBishop Fenwick High School
800mF 1 24th1:58.48Chris GalarzaLowell High School
800mF 2 45th2:01.54Casey KuehnapfelNatick High School
800mF 1 51st2:03.94Carlos RiveraLowell High School
800mF 4 53rd2:05.09Aiden Foucault EtheridgeAmherst-Pelham Regional High School
1500mF 1 6th5:19.68Keith PhamFoxboro High School
1500mF 1 7th5:21.29Devon ChoiNatick High School
1500mF 1 14th5:51.61Jawahn SantiagoLowell High School
MileF 3 11th4:25.96Chris PolancoLowell High School
MileF 1 13th4:26.57Anthony RodriguezLowell High School
MileF 2 21st4:29.41Owen ChaseNatick High School
MileF 1 30th4:34.53Nasir GibsonLowell High School
MileF 1 36th4:41.42Jadiel PinalesLowell High School
MileF 1 37th4:41.58Chris GalarzaLowell High School
3200mF 2 12th9:10.41Tristan ShelgrenSt. John's Prep
110HF 1 5th15.27Danny RenwickOld Rochester Regional High School
110HF 1 9th17.58Keith PhamFoxboro High School
110HF 3 13th19.35Devon ChoiNatick High School
110HF 5 14th20.01Jawahn SantiagoLowell High School
110Hp 4 4th15.33Danny RenwickOld Rochester Regional High School
110Hp 1 12th16.19Jose GuzmanLowell High School
110Hp 4 22nd17.16Thomas CannonLowell High School
110Hp 1 25th17.43Harry SmithOld Rochester Regional High School
110Hp 5 29th17.86Lj PiazzaFoxboro High School
110Hp 3 30th18.00Jacob CafarellaOld Rochester Regional High School
110Hp 5 33rd20.30Graham PorierOld Rochester Regional High School
400HF 3 7th57.99Jose GuzmanLowell High School
400HF 2 9th58.93Peter RyanNatick High School
400HF 2 17th1:03.79Thomas CannonLowell High School
4x400mF 2 15th3:49.11Foxboro High School
4x400mF 1 19th3:36.96Old Rochester Regional High School
4x800mF 2 15th8:56.78Lowell High School
DMRF 1 2nd10:33.59Marshfield High School
DMRF 1 3rd10:18.11Marshfield High School
DMRF 1 5th10:46.77Saint John's High School
DMRF 1 5th10:22.76Saint John's High School
DMRF 1 19th11:43.96Foxboro High School
HJF 1 1st6-2.25Jawahn SantiagoLowell High School
HJF 1 1st6-10Danny RenwickOld Rochester Regional High School
HJF 1 10th5-3.75Devon ChoiNatick High School
HJF 1 12th5-2.5Keith PhamFoxboro High School
LJF 1 8th17-10.75Jawahn SantiagoLowell High School
LJF 1 16th14-10.75Keith PhamFoxboro High School
LJF 1 17th14-10Devon ChoiNatick High School
LJF 1 20th20-4Richmond KwaatengLowell High School
LJF 1 25th20-0.25 wMatt BrogioliOld Rochester Regional High School
LJF 1 29th19-9.5Owen WhitneyFoxboro High School
LJF 1 41st19-2.75Michael AkonLowell High School
DF 1 21st103-0Tom McneilFoxboro High School
SF 1 6th32-8.5Jawahn SantiagoLowell High School
SF 1 8th31-2.5Devon ChoiNatick High School
SF 1 14th26-11.25Keith PhamFoxboro High School
SF 1 26th38-5.5Harry SmithOld Rochester Regional High School
SF 1 32nd34-9.5Andrew NadeauOld Rochester Regional High School
PentF 1 9th38:27.00Jawahn SantiagoLowell High School
PentF 1 11th35:50.00Keith PhamFoxboro High School
PentF 1 13th34:35.00Devon ChoiNatick High School